Penmex Ltd What does your body language say about you?

Direct marketing specialists Penmex Ltd urge marketers not to underestimate the impact body language plays in the way we communicate.

About Penmex Ltd:

Communication is part of daily life, regardless of position in business or life role. Humans should have an understanding of perception and how body language accounts for more than half (55%) of daily interpersonal interaction. This is significantly more than the spoken word, which accounts for a mere 7% of interpretation, with 38% depending on the tone of voice. Penmex Ltd urges everyone to evaluate their personal body language and to understand what it says about them as an individual.

Penmex Ltd offers their tips on improving body language perception:

Relax, and be yourself – The primary emphasis should be on understanding which personal body language traits are throwing negative signals to others, and obtaining focus and control over these. To begin with, it is good practice to focus on the head, neck, and shoulders. Keeping the head held high, shoulders back and taking relaxed breaths creates an aura of confidence and honesty.

Practice makes perfect - Building rapport in business is crucial to developing a successful career, and having good body language habits will likely open up new doors of opportunity. A few simple ways to communicate open body language include standing up straight, smiling, uncrossing arms and legs, and actively showing palms of hands, as this is often perceived as an honest approach.

People often are receptive to body mirroring, so when communicating with a single individual, attempt to mirror their stance to offer an agreeable opinion without words. Practice over time at every opportunity and habits will develop that are natural to a person’s persona.

Penmex is a direct sales and marketing company based in Edinburgh. Their secret to success is the ability to personalise the consumer experience. Offering a face to face solution for brands both big and small across Scotland, the firm is unique in their capacity to provide a guaranteed ROI, therefore reducing any anxiety for new clients looking to venture into face to face promotions. When communicating with their client’s customer base, it is crucial to offer effective communication on all levels. The firm’s independent contractors are provided guidance through office based workshops to improve and enhance customer experience. One of the first topics covered is to address body language and its perception. The firm believes it is important for the contractor to be able to demonstrate good body language, but also to identify when the consumer is showing various body language signals and what that may be indicating throughout the customer interaction.



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Penmex Ltd What does your body language say about you?