​Penmex host motivational workshop on why excuses are holding you back

Penmex host motivational workshop on why excuses hold people back from achieving their goals.

Edinburgh-based direct marketing and sales firm, Penmex have recently gone through a transition period which has resulted in Managing Director, Kirsty Pennal hosting a motivational workshop on why excuses are holding people back.

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Entrepreneur and business owner, Kirsty Pennal has experience in coaching and mentoring budding entrepreneurs. “Excuses are lies to yourself and they hold people back from achieving success,” said Miss Pennal. Last week, Miss Pennal decided to host a company workshop for the contractors at Penmex, explaining the negative impact of excuses and why they are holding people back.

1. It’s in your head

There is a famous quote by Napoleon Hill: “Your only limitation is the one you set up in your own mind!” More often than not, the things holding people back are in their mind. While there aren’t any physical roadblocks, mental or emotional blocks can instill a sense of fear and anxiety which can lead to a lack of confidence which holds people back.

2. This makes me uncomfortable

“Comfort zones are great things, however, nothing great ever happens inside of a comfort zone,” said Managing Director, Kirsty Pennal. At Penmex they recognise that stepping outside of a comfort zone can be extremely daunting and that this can be a real mental block for people. “Sometimes people just need to make the leap of faith and put themselves out there,” said Miss Pennal.

3. Self-doubt

Miss Pennal argues that self-confidence is imperative for entrepreneurs. “If you don’t believe in yourself then others won’t believe in you,” said Miss Pennal. The firm argues that no one is immune to experiencing self-doubts, believing that they’re not good enough. However, it’s crucial not to let a lack of confidence prevent people from doing great things. “If something doesn’t work out first time round, don’t be disheartened, try again. Improve upon it and then improve upon it again and then practice some more and then improve again,” said Miss Pennal.

Penmex are supporters of entrepreneurship and they have had success coaching and developing budding entrepreneurs into business owners. Managing Director Kirsty Pennal is committed to offering budding entrepreneurs the same opportunity that she was once afforded. The firm offers a foot in the door for those looking to learn all aspects of sales, marketing and business develoment. Through voluntary client and in-house workshops as well as seminars, tutorials, workshops and attendance at industry conferences, Penmex teach their contractors all of the necessary skills required to run a business including: campaign management, client liaising, motivational and public speaking, leadership, customer acquisition / retention and brand management.

Penmex are a young firm with big goals and Miss Pennal believes that the secret to achieving their expansion goals is to provide development opportunities for their contracts. This then allows the ambitious and talented individuals they work with to reach their development goals while simultaneously helping Penmex to continue to move forward. Penmex Managing Director, Kirsty Pennal believes that individuals need to be accountable and stop making excuses.

At Penmex they specialise in below-line customer acquisition through cost-effective, measurable and tailor-made marketing solutions. They put the personal touch into every campaign they develop. They increase market share and raise brand awareness for their clients through Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer promotional marketing and sales campaigns. The firm support budding entrepreneurs on their journey to success and they believe that many people don’t follow through with their entrepreneurial dream because of excuses.

SOURCE: http://www.eofire.com/excuses-hold-you-back/

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​Penmex host motivational workshop on why excuses are holding you back