​Penmex Fly Out to Crete for European R&R Break

It’s been a busy few months at Penmex; from picking up prestigious accolades at the Sales and Marketing Awards to the launch of a new client and setting office sales records, and now the firm has embarked on an R&R to Crete.

To celebrate an outstanding performance in the third financial quarter, Managing Director at Penmex, Kirsty Pennal organised an R&R break to the Greek island, Crete.

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Kirsty Pennal, along with a select group of the firm’s top performing contractors and administrators flew out to Greece’s largest island on August 16th to spend 5 days relaxing and recuperating.

Penmex argues that R&R is very important for success. They support the idea that taking time away from the office now and again can prove to be extremely beneficial. Here the firm has outlined the three top benefits of R&R.

1) Vacations make you happier

Many entrepreneurs have a heavy workload and getting away from the sometimes stressful office environment to relax will naturally improve happiness. Research has found that after a vacation workers are less tense, are more likely to be in a good mood and also have higher energy levels. For some, it can be difficult to tear themselves away from their business, however the benefits of time away are tremendous.

2) Good for your health!

Chronic stress can put a strain on the body and mind, and puts someone at risk of ill health. While some periods of stress are a natural aspect of life, sustained periods can occur if someone is hesitant to take any time out. A vacation offers a chance for the body to rest, recuperate and repair. Research shows that people on holiday immediately feel health benefits, having less physical complaints and even in some cases a reduction in cholesterol levels on their return.

3) Increased productivity

In business, maintaining a high level of productivity is pivotal. Vacations are good for the individual but they can be equally as vital for the workplace. From research, individuals that take a vacation have lower levels of job stress and burnout. It’s obvious that at a company where stress levels are lower, productivity will increase.

At Penmex they argue that in order to create a good company culture and a working environment that promotes positivity and maximum productivity, businesses need to recognise the efforts of their people and reward them.

“So far, 2016 has far exceeded my expectations. We continue to go from strength to strength and break records consistently. I believe much of our success this year is down to the investment I have made into developing a recognition and reward culture,” said Kirsty Pennal, Managing Director at Penmex.

Based in Scotland, Penmex is an ambitious sales and marketing startup that helps brands to boost their customer relationships and gain a stronger market presence. Through face-to-face communication, the firm secure a greater quantity of sales for their clients by delivering unique customer experiences that increase overall customer satisfaction. At Penmex they have run a number of events, showing their appreciation for the hard work and efforts of their contractors. This was the second R&R the firm hosted and it will now be an annual event.

SOURCE: https://thepip.com/en-gb/2015/07/the-importance-and-benefits-of-going-on-vacation/

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​Penmex Fly Out to Crete for European R&R Break