London, UK - Ashyleigh Kuda Masango, author, human rights activists, political activist and business pioneer is reaching out today to announce a really exciting ecommerce store being launched this week on Thursday - it is going to be a BLACK FRIDAY REVOLUTION. The store is accessible worldwide and is a perfect innovation of business ethics; a true business revolution!

Ashyleigh Kuda Masango’s principles – “Women are paid equally, our suppliers have no slave conditions for workers like big brands and supermarkets have abroad, even though they net Billions in Profits monthly and annually. We promote the use of human workers not AI-Bots unlike big cooperation’s replacing human employees with AI-Bots, We also stand for mental health as 1 in 8 people are likely to get it in their life time unlike cancer and HIV/AIDS which have a very low percentage of a 15% chance. We are also shocked at big cooperation’s that claim to support cancer etc. but do not pay their female employees equal pay or hire minorities for big positions, they are a joke! I am also against Blood Diamonds which is why I sell Lab made Diamonds because only they can be 100% conflict free and still look great.”

Ashyleigh Kuda Masango’s trading points: GB and Africa and middle East do not have a strong ecommerce identity. Asia has Alibaba, USA and the rest have eBay and Amazon.

“I have created Novattione store to be the EBAY AND AMAZON of GB, Middle EAST and my motherland AFRICA, When you mention shopping online in GB, Middle East and Africa, will be the synonym. Africans and Blacks are proud and territorial and for centuries have been blocked and lacked the ability to truly unite at something this is why even the movie Black Panther was very successful because now Blacks and Africans have the ability to truly support each other and take pride in our own projects. The same thing goes for Britain and its islands and the Middle East, They have no Facebooks or twitters of their own and their own Amazons or EBays but they are begging for an internet identity and my store is exactly that. A proud symbol for the whole world to see.”

  • Free fast tracked delivery on all orders world wide
  • Giving Britain, Middle East, and Africa an ecommerce identity that rivals Amazon and eBay.
  • Catering to nations neglected by E-sellers because they are seen as low-profit nations
  • Building and representing a business culture that stands for ethical production, employment and trading and conscious consumers.
  • 100% conflict-free diamonds, gorgeous lab made diamond jewellery
  • Amazing Arabic jewellery
  • Amazing Christian jewellery
  • Unique jewellery pieces
  • High tech accessories such as {SMART RINGS} and green energy devices, solar powered

Long term plan:

Open physical stores across the globe, employ more women and pay them equally, run our own factories and use labour forces respectfully unlike the slave camps and using bots being ran by big cooperation’s across the globe, some of these slave factories use child labour and produce items people buy daily. “This is why I am strong on the issue of conscious shoppers and investors who buy shares in such evil companies.”

Also to stay in charge of the business culture that stands for ethical production, employment and trading and conscious consumers: “After all why should our women and minorities buy from organisations that do not even pay them equally when I am there?”

Build schools and hospitals in Africa, Middle East and Britain and the islands and also mental health institutions.

“For every conscious shopper and business investor, I say that they should be standing right beside me for my business ethical structure is the future and caters for all the above.”

“If you support me shop at and let us build this conscious business EMPIRE and usher in a new ERA in business together, and leave behind these devilish corporations that lack ethics and empathy behind.”

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