New Education Marketplace puts learners in control!

Learners can browse a global teachers’ market to choose the best person for them.

A new service is aiming to shake up the education market by putting the learner firmly in control.
Newly-launched in the UK and Hong Kong, Kappu is an exciting new online learning platform which enables learners to find and connect with their ideal teacher for personalised one-to-one video lessons. So an English Student in Shanghai or a businesswoman in Hong Kong might choose an Oxbridge English student or a retired English Teacher from Manchester.

"Effective education is now known to come from empowering learners, motivating them and making them proactive in the learning process," explains Professor Therese Hesketh, lecturer at University College London and China’s Zhejiang University, and Kappu advisory board member. "Kappu's education model accommodates these varying needs brilliantly, giving students the choice of what, how, when - and with whom - they learn."

Underpinning Kappu is a passion for lifelong learning and a deep understanding of the importance of finding the right teacher, as founder and CEO David Unsworth explains: “Everybody has a memory of that one 'special teacher' who inspired them. By connecting learners and teachers directly, Kappu aims to help people find those special teachers more often."

Kappu’s model doesn’t just benefit learners either. Tutors from across the globe who are signing up to Kappu also benefit from being able to take full control of their own teaching timetables. David Unsworth continues: "People around the world with knowledge, qualifications or experience can supplement their income tutoring on our multi-currency web platform and get the benefits of cross cultural exchange without leaving home."

Teachers and learners alike can also benefit from Kappu's comprehensive rating and review system, which enables teachers to monitor their performance while also helping learners make informed choices in their search for that special teacher.

Kappu is currently live in the UK and Hong Kong, with outposts in Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, USA and more to follow.

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New Education Marketplace puts learners in control!