LuCreative Publish Guide for Successful Networking

Sheffield-based direct sales and marketing firm, LuCreative argue that networking is one of the most critical skills for aspiring professionals to master, and as a result, they have published their guide for successful networking.

About LuCreative:

LuCreative encourages their staff and contractors to utilise every networking opportunity that comes their way to build connections to help them on their entrepreneurial journey. “Having a solid network of like-minded professionals to turn to for advice and guidance is invaluable,” commented a spokesperson for LuCreative.

To help aspiring professionals ace their next networking event, LuCreative has published a guide for successful networking.

1) Take business cards

Having a business card to hand out is an excellent way to pass on information, and it will often result in an exchange with the connector. “It doesn’t have to be a huge expense, there are a plethora of sites to make cost-effective business cards, and it will pay dividends,” commented a company spokesperson.

2) Have a great handshake

A handshake is like a first impression; you only have one chance to get it right so make it count urges LuCreative. The direct sales and marketing specialists argue that a good handshake should be firm, memorable, and involve eye contact.

3) Have an 'elevator' pitch ready

An elevator pitch should be kept short and concise. In approximately 90 seconds you should be able to convey information about yourself, explain what you do and where you work, who your clients are (if you have any), and your goals for the future. LuCreative encourages their staff and contractors to create and practice their elevator pitch, so they can use it whenever necessary.

4) Build relationships

The firm believes that building strong relationships is the secret to business success. “Take time to get to know people and invest time into the relationships you build, and you’ll reap the benefits.” Said a company spokesperson. It is important to get to know people on both a personal and professional level to establish and solidify relationships claims LuCreative.

5) Quality over quantity

LuCreative believe that a good network is one that consists of quality connections rather than quantity. “Make sure you assemble a diverse network of individuals who can progress your business development. While it can be tempting to acquire as many connections as possible, it is important to make sure the people you connect with serve a purpose and help you to achieve your goals."

Based in Sheffield City Centre, LuCreative is an outsourced direct sales and marketing company. Launched by a diverse team of sales and marketing professionals from across the UK, LuCreative aim to bridge the gap between client and consumer with personalised marketing solutions. The young and dynamic firm offers clients the chance to outsource, safe in the knowledge that their brand is in the hands of professionals. The firm frequently attends industry events which offer tremendous networking opportunities.


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