Conquer Procrastination using LuCreative’s 5 steps to productivity

Outsourced direct sales and marketing company LuCreative are committed to achieving optimum productivity and teaching their staff and contractors how to conquer procrastination using 5 easy steps.

About LuCreative:

A 2013 survey conducted by, showed that 69% of respondents said they wasted time at work on a daily basis. “That number is staggering. Our goal at LuCreative is to eliminate procrastination from our workforce and give people the tools to achieve maximum productivity,” commented a spokesperson for the firm.

1. Wake up early

Simple but effective. There is a famous saying; the early bird catches the worm. “Everyone has the same 24 hours, it’s how they choose to use those hours that differentiates the productive from the unproductive,” commented a company spokesperson.” The direct sales and marketing specialists believe it’s important to wake up early and use that extra time to get more done.

2. Schedule a time for checking email and messages

While smartphones have revolutionised the way people work, notifications are also a massive distraction and a contributor to procrastination. LuCreative recommends budding professionals schedule a specific time to check emails and messages to prevent constant distraction. To achieve maximum productivity levels, it takes total concentration, and therefore if someone is always distracted by notifications, their concentration is being broken.

3. Set daily goals

LuCreative believes that setting small and big goals is critical for success in both personal and professional endeavours. The firm encourages their staff and contractors to set both daily and weekly goals. “At the beginning of each day identify a number of things you want to accomplish. Set a limit for yourself and work on each of them until they are done,” commented a company spokesperson.

4. Get a motivation buddy

Having a motivation buddy and someone to compete against is one of the most surefire ways to prevent someone from succumbing to procrastination.

5. Be accountable

LuCreative argue that accountability is one of the key factors for achieving maximum productivity. “One of the best ways to achieve your goals and to be productive is to make your goals public,” commented a spokesperson for LuCreative. Whether that be telling a coach or mentor, or a motivation buddy, if someone makes their goals public they are accountable to following through on them.

Based in Sheffield City Centre, LuCreative is an outsourced direct sales and marketing company. Launched by a diverse team of sales and marketing professionals from across the UK, LuCreative aim to bridge the gap between client and consumer with personalised marketing solutions. The young and dynamic firm offers clients the chance to outsource, safe in the knowledge that their brand is in the hands of professionals. The young firm have big goals and they recognise that achieving maximum productivity is crucial to achieving those goals.

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