London’s Dogs Have Never Smelt So Good

We dogs get a bad press. Humans say that we hate bath time, that we like to smell bad, but it’s simply not true. We like to be pampered just as much as they do. After a hard day’s play, we want a relaxing bath, but that stuff they wash us in isn’t fit to clean a cat! We want something fit for royalty – fit for a Corgi.

There’s finally something that will get us into the bath...

Betty and Butch have made calming, therapeutic soap bars that are perfect for a busy life. They won’t irritate your delicate nose or that glossy coat, and when you do feel the need to roll in fox poo, the soap will get it right out of your fur in just one relaxing wash. There’s even a fragrance your humans can spritz you with next time you bump into that dreamy Labrador from Kensington Gardens...

Betty and Butch have been keeping the UK’s dogs healthy, happy and clean for years, so tell your owners to get down to the London Pet Show on May 17-18th – it’s time to look good for summer!

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