LGB Direct: Make Your Brand a Success By Doing These 5 Things

The best brands are those that are authentic and organically grown from a company's products, says LGB Direct. The firm outline the common mistakes of branding and offer their solutions to making a brand successful.

LGB Direct believes that the term brand is defined by the ideas and feelings customers and employees have about the company. The stronger and more positive those ideas are the more the brand is worth, the longer the customer will buy from it and the longer they'll remain loyal. The firm points out that the businesses who spend the most time investing in building their brand are often the most successful.

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However, because brands are made of ideas and feelings, LGB Direct highlights that they can be difficult to control. The firm are confident that the best brands are natural things, whose meaning grows organically over time; in short they are authentic. Whilst this sounds simple, LGB Direct believe that some businesses tend to make certain mistakes when it comes to building their brand. Here, the firm have highlighted these mistakes and outlined their recommended solutions to the problem:

Not thinking about the brand
Many companies forget to think about their brand at all. They focus on everyday internal aspects of their business, i.e. their craft, their product, their technology – not on the ideas and feelings in people's minds.

Solution: LGB Direct recommends taking a step back from routine every three months to bring some customers in, listen to them and find out what they value most about the company.

Big Spenders
Others tend to think they can build a brand just by improving the website, tweeting and running adverts. However, it is clear that the ideas and feelings in people's minds are influenced much more by reality than by communication.

Solution: The firm says to switch your spend from advertising into creating a brilliant experience for your customers both offline and online. Additionally, give people useful content in your advertising, not just empty sales talk.

Not communicating the brand values to employees
Don't forget to spread your brand thinking to employees, says LGB Direct. The soul of the company may be clear to the founder but employees need some guidance to go about things the right way.

Solution: LGB Direct says to write down your brand values in 100 words or less and give this to employees.

Failing to innovate
Often small companies stay with a successful formula, even when it's no longer producing results. They forget to innovate and gradually become outdated.

Solution: LGB Direct recommends trying something new every six months.

Being too secretive
Some companies like to do things their own way and keep their methods secret. But today's consumer culture is much more open and customers want to see behind the scenes, they want to share the secrets.

Solution: LGB Direct says that whatever your company does, share it with your customers to help them feel like insiders and spread the brand.

LGB Direct is an outsourced sales and marketing firm that specialises in customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty. LGB Direct always produces quality results for their clients through face-to-face connections with consumers.

Source: http://www.theguardian.com/small-business-network/2015/jun/17/small-business-make-brand-successful-customers

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