LGB Direct: Enhance Your Brand Loyalty With These Two Simple Words

Specialists in brand loyalty and awareness, LGB Direct offer their tips on how to boost customer loyalty and how the use of two simple words can have a huge impact on a business' success.

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With so many brands on the market for customers to choose from, many businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to hang on to customers and build brand loyalty among their audience. LGB Direct, a sales and marketing firm from Watford believe that in order to secure a loyal bank of customers in today's competitive market businesses must make their communication far more personal, in order to convey to consumers that they are valued and appreciated. The firm believe that despite the many differences that makes each and every one of us unique, one common need binds people together and the firm believe that this need should be the focal point of every business' loyalty strategy: the need to feel loved and accepted.

It is a psychologically proven fact that humans need to feel accepted and valued and experience and a sense of belonging in their social groups, no matter the size of the group. It's this need to feel accepted that has led to brands that make the effort to build a strong and inviting company culture and openly seek out interaction with their customers more successful that those who fail to initiate interaction. This communication needs to go further than answering consumer questions in a timely manner, it needs to get consumers thinking creatively and encourage them to play an active role in the future development of the brand. Too often brands are so preoccupied with attracting new customers that they fail to give their existing customers the attention and support that they deserve. LGB Direct believe that in order to encourage greater engagement with existing customer and raise brand loyalty there are two words which must be used that the majority of businesses are neglecting: Thank You.

LGB Direct believes that brands must do more to express their gratitude and show customers that they are highly appreciated. Brands must regularly review how they are rewarding customers and whether or not they are doing enough to show customers their gratitude. Offering them one off deals, priority access to new services, or even something as simple as writing them a personalised thank you message after a purchase can greatly improve relationships and help customers to feel as though they are a valued part of the business. LGB Direct believe that thanking a customer may only take a few seconds, however the power of this gesture is huge and can give a brand the edge when it comes to building loyalty and forging a positive position in the market.

LGB Direct is a sales and event marketing firm that specialises in customer acquisition and loyalty. The firm help their clients improve customer relationships and boost loyalty by focusing on face to face customer communication. On behalf of their clients the firm meet with customers one on one, taking the time to understand each customer's diverse range of needs and requirements. This then allows the firm to personalise the service each customer receives which helps each customer to feel valued and appreciated, whilst raising their clients overall ROI and brand awareness.

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