Launch of Arteby’s makes art and antiques accessible to collectors globally

A new global auction platform is set to give art and antique lovers easier access to a whole range of collectibles at competitive prices. The launch of Arteby’s means collectors can be part of the latest auctions even when they’re on the go thanks to access on tablet PC’s and mobile devices, giving consumers the convenience to browse and bid on items wherever they are.

Despite a decrease in global art auction sales in 2015, collectors are snapping up art and antiques online in increasing numbers. As per the Hiscox Online Art Trade Report 2016, the online art market grew by 24% last year with sales reaching $3.27 billion. The online art market could top $9.5 billion by the end of the decade if the growth trajectory continues at the same pace. It’s this growing market that Arteby’s aims to take advantage of through its online offering.

Vineet Chauhan, Founder of Arteby’s, said, “The production and enjoyment of art has been long in the DNA of humanity. In Medieval times, art was generally commissioned by a patron who would give the artist instructions on what to paint, where to paint it and what materials ought to be used. In this period, artists were seen as craftsmen, on a par with stone masons or wheelwrights and the value or prestige of a work of art came more from the materials used – often gold or ground precious gems used to give pigments. As Europe moved into the renaissance, although the system of patronage remained – perhaps most notably with the Medici family in Florence – the artists themselves fought to raise their status from mere technicians to that of innovators, whose work was unique to them.The sale of art developed from individuals making private sales to raise money to see them through hard times, to a more organised framework, culminating in art auctions. The internet is changing the way business is conducted today and it’s no different for art and antiques market".

The launch of Arteby’s takes the buying and selling of beautiful and rare objects to a global platform, benefitting everyone in the process. Whether you’re looking for fine art to adorn your house or a classic car, Arteby’s is the place to head to when you’re looking for something exquisite and unique.”

The platform will seamlessly bridge the gap between buyers and sellers giving them an opportunity to connect from across the globe. For buyers it means access to a diverse range of items they may be interested in, while sellers will be able to reach more potential buyers than they would through a traditional auction. Arteby’s focuses on the sale of premium art and antiques and has an international team of specialists in place to create a trusted platform for quality items.

The first Asian art auction on Arteby’s starts on the 20th October 2016 and users can place their bids throughout the week in their preferred currency to secure one of the antiques on offer. Amongst the finds that will delight collectors in the auction is a Ming Dynasty cobalt blue and white klapmuts kraak bowl from the Wanli period and a gold enamelled 18th century Mughal handle of a sword with an estimated value of $2,000.

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Launch of Arteby’s makes art and antiques accessible to collectors globally