Josh Cote: Why a sales role is the most influential job you will ever have

Renowned entrepreneur and managing director of EA Worldwide Acquisitions, Josh Cote has found success both in the UK and America and has grown to become a formidable force within the direct sales and marketing industry. After graduating from Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts, Josh Cote moved to Boston, Massachusetts where he took a job in door-to-door sales where he learnt fundamentals crucial in the development of his career.He started established his first business in Boston 2001. In search of greater market reach, Josh Cote made the decision to come to England and reinvent the outsourced sales and marketing industry in the UK. He quickly excelled due to the fast paced nature of the sector and has seen EA Worldwide grow to become one of the UKs leading outsourced direct sales and marketing firms.

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Josh Cote says "because nearly all businesses rely heavily on the revenue generated from the sales of their product or service, experience in sales opens doors in every industry, in every company. For those that have worked in sales, the reality is that role taught more than just how to communicate with people, and more than how to present a product or service attractively. Sales teaches an incredible work ethic, a level of resilience that creates a stronger mentality, it teaches discipline and a level of professionalism that will take an individual so far in their career – whether or not that turns out to be in sales long term".

As a business owner, Josh Cote has spent a lot of time looking at the traits and experiences of really successful businesses. He believes that success can be replicated, and that there is certain traits in a person that sees them maximise opportunities differently to the average person. Starbucks billionaire, Howard Schultz, started his career in sales with Xerox before he started in the coffee shop where he worked his way up to CEO and grew the chain to 16,000 stores worldwide. Ralph Lauren was a college dropout who worked as a sales clerk at a store Brook Brothers. He sold $500,000USD worth of ties for the store that year, before launching the Ralph Lauren Polo line the following year. Warren Buffett, the world's 2nd wealthiest man as of December 2014, says he learnt the basics of driving a hard sale by selling packs of gum and other small goods from his dads store to neighbours by going door to door in the evenings after school.

Josh Cote believes that, as long as an entrepreneur focuses on the bigger picture and never loses motivation, they will be able to learn a lot from these seemingly uninspiring roles, which will stand them in good stead in the future. Starting in door-to-door sales himself, Josh Cote believes it's important for budding entrepreneurs to understand that in order to succeed, it's sometimes necessary for them to learn from jobs they may not want to do.

Being a highly respected name within the direct marketing industry, Josh Cote is dedicated to fostering greater education of entrepreneurship, business development and opportunities for individual development and growth. As well as being a regular speaker at events aimed at nurturing young business leaders, Josh Cote's firm, EA Worldwide Acquisitions also runs a business development programme which promotes the key skills and knowledge needed to become a successful business owner.

EA Worldwide Acquisitions is a London based sales and direct marketing firm. The firm focuses on face-to-face sales through business-to-business or business-to-consumer and works hard to create the most direct personal link between clients and potential customers.

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