Josh Cote states Hiring Sports People Could Enhance your Small Business

Josh Cote speaks passionately about how sports attributes transfer successfully in business, and outlines how sports men and women can prove to be an asset to any company.

About Josh Cote:

Rugby, football, cricket and basketball are some of the most popular team sports throughout the World. Unfortunately, most players of sports aren't going to make the grade for professional leagues, but still possess traits seemingly attractive to business environments.

Managing Director of EA Worldwide Acquisitions Josh Cote believes that many sporting attributes can transfer seamlessly into the business world. This is because sports players learn how to work with different types of people, they know how to take criticism, and they know how to win and lose with grace.

β€œIt's fair to presume that the majority of sports players will have developed traits and learnt both career and life lessons from playing the sport they love. We tend to look out for these traits during our recruitment process as we have found these individuals to be highly beneficial to business environments", says Cote. With this in mind, here are 5 reasons why individuals who participate in team sports can prove to be an asset in business:

Sports players are driven

It takes commitment to train, and put your body through the motions required to play team sports properly week in week out. Cote believes that this motivation can prove extremely useful in the workplace, and ranks ex-sportsmen and women as some of the most determined business people he's ever seen.

Sports players can set challenging, yet realistic goals

Most people start playing sport from a young age, and acknowledge the time and effort it takes to develop themselves as players – whether its spending time in the gym or out on the training field. The EA Worldwide Acquisitions MD states that because of this, sports individuals are accustomed to setting challenging goals that they know are achievable with the correct mentality and work ethic.

Sports players know how to be a team player

Sports such as football and rugby are some of the most team-reliant sports on the planet – although individual talent can play a role, generally speaking the team wins and loses as a unit. Therefore, it can be argued that individuals who have played team sports know how to perform their specific tasks to the best of their ability, whilst trusting those around them to do theirs.

Sports players know how to perform under pressure

Competing at various sporting levels requires handling pressure. Players of sport are likely to be able to deal well in intense situations claims Cote, and companies that need individuals capable of withstanding tense and pressurized situations should look no further than a rugby player.

Sport players are great at socialising

Aside from all the hard-working qualities, it is fair to say sports people would also help establish a good company culture. Sport players definitely know how to have fun and get along with others making them ideal for social events and keeping up staff morale.

Josh Cote is the Managing Director and owner of EA Worldwide Acquisitions, a direct sales and marketing firm located in London Bridge. The company focuses on face-to-face sales through business-to-business, events or business-to-consumer in order to create the most direct personal link between clients, potential, and existing customers. The firm guarantees a high ROI for clients, and improves their brand awareness, loyalty and acquisitions - ultimately driving sales.


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