Josh Cote of EA Worldwide Acquisitions Named Speaker at Dublin Business Development Conference

Josh Cote, managing director of EA Worldwide Acquisitions, will be a keynote speaker at a full-day business development seminar to be held in Dublin on February 22nd. The London-based entrepreneur and direct sales professional will be speaking on the topic of ‘Creating a Successful Business Model’.

This speaking engagement comes 18 months after Josh Cote hosted an entrepreneurship event in Dublin, back in June 2012. Over 100 entrepreneurs attended the event, which was based around the theme of finding a niche business opportunity in an unstable economy. At the time of the conference, Ireland was dubbed as one of the more ‘at risk’ economies in Europe, with high levels of government and household debt. 18 months later, the country’s future looks more positive, with the Economic and Social Research Institute predicting 2% growth in gross national product this year. Josh Cote is eager to discover how Dublin’s startup community has developed over the past year and a half.

“I’m very excited to come back to Ireland, as I have been told many of those who attended the entrepreneur event will be at this Business Development Conference. I’m expecting to hear success stories., and I am looking forward to re-connecting. with those individuals who have applied some of the ideas we discussed in 2012,” say the EA Worldwide Acquisitions managing director.

Josh Cote believes the theme of developing a strong business model is an important one: “The term ‘business plan’ can seem like a daunting task for a new entrepreneur, but it is essential to give your enterprise focus and direction. A business model outlines exactly how your company works, and importantly how it makes money. Without effective planning, it is almost impossible to turn big dreams into reality.” Forbes defines a successful business models as having five components. Firstly, the Revenue Model, which details what product or service will be sold, and how you will attract customers. Secondly, the Gross Margin Model, which is how much money the business keeps from each sale, and thirdly is the Operating Model, which is how the enterprise runs on a daily basis. Fourth is the Working Capital Model which details how much cash flow is needed to operate the business, and finally there is the Financing Model which details how capital will be raised. Josh Cote believes that by focusing on these five key areas of the business model, entrepreneurs can build sustainable businesses. “I think that while everyone knows what a business model is, many of us are unaware of how to successfully and plan and execute one. With effective planning, Ireland can have a thriving startup community,” says Josh Cote, managing director of EA Worldwide Acquisitions.

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