Josh Cote Celebrates Academic Achievements of Springfield College

Managing director, Josh Cote of EA Worldwide Acquisitions celebrates the news of his Alma Mater Springfield College, as they move up the ranks for being one of the most influential schools in America.

The influential U.S. News & World Report "Best Colleges" guide has recently announced the list of educational institutes that are considered to be the best colleges in America. The report released last week reviewed colleges across the US and ranked them according to their range and quality of undergraduate, Major and masters programs. The report, which is conducted regionally, saw Springfield College in Massachusetts achieve a ranking of 31, which is up six places from last year and an incredible 24 from two years previous. Due to their high ranking the College now sits comfortably in the first tier of the ‘Best Universities - North’ category. With a total of 138 colleges sitting within the first tier, and 180 colleges competing in the North category overall, managing director of EA Worldwide Acquisitions and past student Josh Cote is thrilled with Springfield’s impressive ranking.

The ‘North’ category is a highly competitive category and Josh Cote is extremely proud that Alma Mater has ranked so highly. An article by the Springfield Republican has recently further confirmed and praised the college's achievements, naming them as the highest ranked western Massachusetts college in the category. Since the rapid increase in their ranking Springfield College has seen a 30% rise in admissions, receiving over 20,000 admission inquiries this year alone. The college also welcomed its largest ever class this year with 571 first year students enrolling in the college.

Josh Cote believes that his time at Springfield College has had a lasting and positive effect on him, and has helped him to become a successful and driven business owner and entrepreneur. Springfield College pride themselves in not just developing their students academically, but also educating them in spirit and body too. This ‘humanics philosophy’ allow students the chance to grow and discover their potential in many essential, non-academic areas. Springfield College believe it’s important to prepare each student with real world leadership skills in order to open as many doors as possible for them after graduation.

The humanics philosophy from his time at Springfield is something that has stayed with Josh Cote throughout his entrepreneurial career. Josh Cote’s sales and marketing firm EA Worldwide Acquisition’s believes it’s important to encourage leadership skills among young people and runs its own Business Development Program. Much like the approach at Springfield College, The Program helps budding entrepreneurs to reach their full potential by learning real life transferable leadership skills. Josh Cote firmly believes in helping young people succeed and has helped many young entrepreneurs improve their business knowledge and achieve their goals through the program.

EA Worldwide Acquisitions is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in London, England. Using face to face interactions the firm help clients build and maintain better customer relationships and improve their brand reputation. With EA Worldwide Acquisitions’ seeing their marketing solutions in increasing demand, Josh Cote would like to thank Springfield College for equipping him with the practical business skills and knowledge that has helped him towards this success. 

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Josh Cote Celebrates Academic Achievements of Springfield College