Inclusion vs Mental Health: Unique Opportunities

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Managing-Bipolar is a not for profit organisation. We provide a comprehensive education and ongoing support for people suffering with Bipolar. We have not had any funding from local government sources for over a year and are at risk of having to stop helping those in dire need. We therefore need YOUR vote. Voting for the Aviva Community Fund runs from 9:00 on 24 October to midday on 21 November 2017.

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We want to start working in Brighton and Hove running a weekly group and doing 1 to 1 sessions preventing the devastation that Bipolar causes. There are over 3,000 people living in Brighton & Hove who have the diagnosis of Bipolar. Our programme is very successful with over 200 beneficiaries since January 2014, plus their family and friends.

There are those that feel strongly about the austerity measures and our economy. Who understands ‘The Revolving Door Syndrome’ (RDS)? Lack of funding for Mental Health is inadequate. All too often people need to be in crisis before they get help from the NHS, some don’t get help even then. Alas, with the shortage of funding for Mental Health, patients are being discharged before they should be. Bipolar is a chronic illness so people suffer repeat bouts of depression and manic episodes. Worse still, there is no cure. It causes devastation, not just for the sufferer, but those closest to them. Some take their own life.

Managing-Bipolar has striven to develop a comprehensive education. We know that people can learn how to manage their symptoms but they need ongoing support. There is no quick-fix. Without the support, the education can be wasted. Then people do relapse. Then they are in crisis. Then they need even more expensive treatment. Worst of all is the increased level of suffering and not just for the patient but their loved ones and the community they live in.

We need to continue running our groups, start new ones and save the taxpayer even more money. Much more to the point is that we prevent the suffering. Our vision is “Everyone can have a more rewarding life”.

We need your support. Please email us now at or text to 07946 783 913 so we can send you the link to vote for us from 24 October. Additionally, we are looking for sponsors and donations; please get in touch or use the donate facility on our website. Thanks for your time in reading this - please help!

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Inclusion vs Mental Health: Unique Opportunities