Humanitas Charity Partners @BambuuBrush Launch Kickstarter to fight plastic pollution

News provided by Humanitas Charity on Monday 8th Jun 2020

Hitchin-based @BambuuBrush® are set to launch @Bambuu&Co, a complete range of eco-friendly, sustainable products that give back to our planet and our people with Humanitas Charity.

@BambuuBrush® strives to make purposeful changes to our planet and our people through educating, inspiring and empowering people that we all have the power to change the world, together. They achieved global success by hitting their #1millionby2020 target to educate 1million people around the world to swap away from a plastic toothbrush to one of their bamboo toothbrushes within their 1st year of launching, whilst delivering their plastic pollution workshops in primary schools and community clean ups. @BambuuBrush® donate $0.25 for every bamboo toothbrush they sell on line and are currently working with Humanitas Charity to build a solar powered water well in Rural Ghana at The Humanitas School in Ayensuako. The new range of products helps more people continue to make simple changes away from single-use and poor quality plastics.

Tommie Eaton and Rebecca Dudbridge, founders of @Bambuu&Co, have developed their passion to positively impact the world after living in Asia for the last 10 years. Rebecca said: “We have seen first-hand the real impact plastic pollution is having not only on our planet but on ourselves as humans. Although we have worked within the travel industry and over the last two years specifically working to help businesses and organisations become more sustainable and plastic free, we hold our hands up that we are not experts.

“We want to promote the fact that we all have the power to positively change the world by making simple eco-conscious decisions in our daily lives. This is why all our their new @Bambuu&Co range of products are all simple changes away from the world’s top product polluters.”

Tommie said: “We have all been guilty of using some of the ocean’s top product polluters, most of which are single-use items. This is where our new @Bambuu&Co product range fits in perfectly. We want to make it easy for every one of us to make simple changes away from these single-use items, and for our high quality and sustainable range to become the new norm.”

We have all seen the alarming statistics and images on the amount of plastics that end up in our oceans. Plastic products are broken down, by a mixture of UV rays, salinity and tidal forces, into micro plastics which are now proven to be entering our food chain and causing disease and changes in our genetics. A recent study highlighted that the plastics we see in our oceans account for only 1% of the estimated total, as most plastic is broken down to become layers of the sea bed.

Tommie continued: “When launching @BambuuBrush, we believed that by educating and inspiring people to make one simple change away from a plastic toothbrush to an @BambuuBrush® - starting and ending their day in a sustainable way - we could encourage them to make more eco-conscious decisions throughout the day. Now, with @Bambuu&Co, we have the next products ready and waiting for people to expand their journey into become increasingly sustainable.”

Before the outbreak of Covid-19, general consumerism was at an all time high, with plastics being at the forefront of this. We now have a rare period where everyone and everything has slowed down. Tommie and Rebecca believe this is a perfect time to educate, inspire and empower people that we all have the power to make simple changes and change the world.

Alongside the @Bambuu&Co range of eco-friendly products, Tommie and Rebecca have developed and launched their Plastic Pollution workshops, delivered to primary school children to inspire them with a passion to protect our environment. Within the last year they have helped educated more than 1,500 children around the world on plastic pollution.

The company also organises and delivers community clean ups, to inspire people to get up, get out and understand that plastic pollution is increasing in all four corners of the globe and not just in the developing world. @Bambuu&Co have delivered 18 clean ups since launching in 2019 with 315 people joining and over 600kg+ of trash and plastic collected.

Rebecca said: “Through our years of living and working in the developing world, we have experienced the most incredible, genuine hospitality and generosity from people who barely have anything. That’s why we feel it is vitally important that we give something back.

“Together, we work very closely with local and global charity, Humanitas Charity. For every product sold, @Bambuu&Co donate a percentage of our profits to aid vulnerable children and people across the world. Through the profits and work of @BambuuBrush, we have already raised more than half of the funds needed to build a solar powered water well in rural Ghana to provide free flowing clean water to the local children and community at The Humanitas School.”

“It is now time for us to expand our products to expand our message so we can continue to make purposeful impacts to our planet and our people” - @Bambuu&Co

@Bambuu&Co goes live on the Kickstarter platform at 6pm (BST) on 8 June 2020 to raise £5,000 to bring a range of eco-friendly products that give back to life.

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