How Ecocamel ORB SPA's Soft Water Technology Can Transform Your Hair and Skin

News provided by Ecocamel Ltd on Wednesday 27th Sep 2023

How ORB SPA's Soft Water Technology Can Transform Your Hair and Skin

A shower head like no other, Ecocamel’s latest showerhead is a revolution. The ORB SPA contains in-built Aircore Technology, innovative soft water technology and a massaging unit, transforming your shower experience for the better.

The ORB SPA can guarantee a powerful shower while using less water than your usual showers. This means reduced energy usage and therefore less money spent on energy bills.

The ORB SPA also has other incredible benefits including:
Deep cleansing
Increasing blood flow and lotion absorbance
Exfoliates and hydrates
Stimulates skin cells
Suitable for all skin types

The Aircore Technology allows air to be drawn in through the air intakes, mixes with water and by increasing the water pressure, the power of your shower is significantly boosted.
Complete with a state-of-the-art Interspray system, its angled nozzles create a wider spray pattern resulting in more coverage.
The Orbit is also hypoallergenic and extremely hygienic with wipe clean rubber nodules, making it perfect for family and guests all to use.
The head comes with two brushes that benefit skin and hair. The larger one allows the water to wash away impurities released by the massage from the fibres of the head and the smaller surface can be used on the face and for more delicate areas.
Not only can the massaging unit be used in shower, it can also be removed and used as part of your daily beauty and skincare routine.

Jane Lewis, nurse and MD of the Skin to Love Clinic had to say:
"When I was first introduced to the concept of the ORB SPA®
I saw the benefits straight away. The water softening is great
if you have irritable skin and the exfoliating effects are
extremely convenient, allowing you to apply your creams
straight out of the shower."

The Ecocamel’s ORB SPA is available from £83 and comes with
free P&P plus 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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