How Branded Coffee Cups Has Changed the Way of Coffee to Go

When talking about the morning person, it is either they already drank their coffee or intending to. Those who had their coffee already are recognizable because their eyes are wide open and have engaged with the day already. They are already reading today’s paper, checking their mail, or have started getting busy with their errands. Sometimes, you will see them holding travel mugs or a coffee cup from their favorite shop as they move faster during the early hours.

It is different for those who have not consumed their morning coffee yet because they are bleary eyed, and have not started on the things they are supposed to. You will see materials still on their laps, still yawning while walking up the stairs.

The culture of coffee drinking has changed the way from packaging to coffee cups and they will be discussed here.

Coffee Packaging - Branded Paper Cups

Looks really matter and that is why business owners invest so much in packaging and branding, the same goes for coffee to go. Even if the visual element of coffee packaging does not have anything to do with the roast beans, the design can really influence someone to purchase them. However, the packaging is not just about looks because they also tell you about the origin, producer, and the process. You will also find out the roaster, roast date, and a lot more. Writing too much information on the packaging can drive people away because they will get overwhelmed, but leaving out important stuff does the opposite.

On the other hand, it allows customers to engage with different kinds of coffee because they find out more about the producers and processes. That is why coffee lovers now mirror the trendsetting coffee shop scene globally because it makes them look more sophisticated.

Block-bottom Biotrade Bags

This kind of bag has a zippered opening, which is convenient because you no longer have to find a way to reseal the bag every time you get coffee. The bag has its own brand print, and color-coded textured labels to tell you its origin. For instance, blue represents a certain country where the beans are from. Since sustainability should be promoted, these bags are compostable. There is a concise message on the packaging to tell customers what’s inside and a brief information about the company.

The coffee bag packaging is so attractive that consumers do not have a hard time choosing which coffee roast to buy. At the same time, they are educated about each one which they could share the knowledge to friends.

Caters to the “Me” Generation

Coffee industry survives because they found a way to emphasize value, quality, and image of segmented products. Customers want to buy a product that identifies with who they are and their health needs.

In order for coffee companies to do this, they had to make specialty coffee, which is produced to appeal to all kinds of people. There are now flavored coffees for the “soft drink” generation, aficionados, penny counters, on-the-go drinkers, and senior citizens. Small companies were the first to take on specialty coffees, and then the big brands did the same. These are not considered as mass producers because they sell to a segmented market so their coffee is more flavorful.

To go with their specialty coffee are packaging that will tell you exactly what you are getting, as well as branded cups. When a person is holding a specialty coffee from a shop, it adds to their image of being sophisticated and knowledgeable about coffee.


One of the things that branded coffee cups have is recognition, and people want to be seen drinking their coffee. For instance, someone wants to be seen drinking from a Starbucks cup because it shows they can afford to drink their coffee and branded cup. Aside from that, some coffee shops give a discount if you use a cup from them to produce less trash and brand recognition which is beneficial to the company. Whenever someone is seen with their coffee, it is like free advertisement and they get new customers from that. In addition, if someone is buying their coffee for the image, that person will buy again because they get compliments about being a coffee aficionado and it makes them feel good.

Whether they are holding a to-go cup or their own cup from the shop, it impacts them the same way.

In addition, if the company is also selling branded coffee beans and have a well-planned packaging, people will buy it for the image and taste.


Coffee to go is available in almost any restaurant that serves coffee. That makes coffee even more accessible and a lot of people rely on it in the morning. Caffeine is the most popular stimulant in general. It helps people get through long nights of work, compelling them to be more productive. Caffeine makes people feel more attentive and alert because it quickly crosses from the bloodstream to the brain. Coffee shops provide you convenience and productivity booster if you need to get started right away on your daily tasks.

Innovation Concepts

In the past, people were not so familiar with the different origins of coffee and how it affects the taste of their beans. Due to the need for innovation, which is the basic building block of popular coffee brands, they use it as a way to get ahead of their competitors. In the industry of coffee drinking, competitors easily copy each other when it comes to origin, seasonal drinks, additives, promotions, and new concoctions. With a leading brand, they also innovate on their branded packaging and cups. Like they have Christmas edition drinks that are served in cups with the same theme.

Due to branded coffee cups and packaging, coffee drinking has taken on a whole new level. Those who always drink coffee on-the-go benefit from most from this because aside from keeping them productive, it also impacts them as a person.

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