GoldIcon Enterprise Travel to London for a Weekend of Industry Seminars

This weekend CEO Dwayne Foster and a chosen few members of his hard working sales and marketing collective ventured to the capital for two days of development training.

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The seminars, which took place over the course of the weekend focused on a range of topics relating to business development and recruitment within the industry. On both days many influential figures in the marketing world were invited to address the audience of eager young entrepreneurs and business owners. The event took place at a time of expansion and significant growth within GoldIcon Enterprise, and all members of the workforce were keen to take in as much information as possible during the conferences.

Hosted at the prestigious Hilton Bankside hotel in the heart of the bustling City of London, the seminars proved to be both insightful and educational for all attending. Topics of discussion included How to Develop a Successful Recruitment Strategy, Attracting Top Talent, Company and Personal Branding, and Using Technology to Benefit Business.

Speaking ahead of the firm’s trip down South, CEO Dwayne Foster explained; “These kind of industry events are a fantastic opportunity for every member of our team and provides a more advanced understanding of important subjects which we deal with on a daily basis.” The GoldIcon Enterprise CEO recognises the importance of learning the foundations of an area of expertise first; “You must educate yourself on the nitty gritty of a subject before attempting to retain a more advanced piece of information.”

GoldIcon Enterprise specialises in a unique form of direct marketing which allows them to personalise their direct marketing campaigns to meet the needs of their clients' ideal consumers. By connecting with customers on a face-to-face basis, GoldIcon Enterprise can establish long-lasting business relationships between brand and consumer which often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.

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GoldIcon Enterprise Travel to London for a Weekend of Industry Seminars