GoldIcon Enterprise on How to Create a Compelling Call to Action

The inventive sales and marketing collective has been investigating the various ways their business can implement effective calls to action to guarantee returns on marketing investments.

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The GoldIcon Enterprise representatives are a collective of seasoned marketers with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry, working on diverse client lists and varied campaigns. The firm recognises that to appeal to the consumers viewing their clients’ marketing messages, they must devise impactful, stirring calls to action.

Citing Susan Genulius’ Kick-Ass Copywriting in 10 Steps the company have recently been reviewing the following three criteria with their team of specialist contractors:

1.A call to action should drive customers to act now, not make them think about maybe acting later.

2.A call to action shouldn’t suggest action. It should demand action.

• A call to action should make it easy for people to follow the instructions to act.

In a series of morning meetings this week, CEO Dwayne Foster has been stressing the importance of “putting yourself in the shoes of your audience” and making their customer journey as simple as possible. “Consumers are just like you and I,” he told his audience of brand representatives, “They are busy, just like you and I. This is why we must make it easy for them and make the call to action as clear and concise as we can.”

The GoldIcon Enterprise owner suggested a number of things for his contractors to bare in mind when creating call to actions:

• Create carefully crafted call to action messages encouraging consumers to act NOW rather than later

• Offer consumers some form of a benefit they will receive when action is taken

• Maintain a first person point of view as this has proven to drive greater engagement and stronger relationships.

As the head of GoldIcon Enterprise, a business working day in and day out devising unique marketing concepts, Dwayne Foster knows the impact a compelling call to action has on the success of a campaign. “Any business that wants to optimise the return on their marketing investments must be prepared to make improvements to the existing calls to action, it is an essential step in the customer journey, and it needs to be perfect,” said the CEO.

Based in Birmingham, GoldIcon Enterprise has become a market leading outsourced sales and marketing firm that specialises in raising brand awareness for their clients and supports aspiring entrepreneurs on their way to open up and run their own successful business. Dwayne Foster and his team have always encouraged entrepreneurs and contractors to have faith in their ideas and skill set and have the courage to explore.


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