GoldIcon Enterprise Offers Top Tips for Replacing Bad Habits with Good Habits

GoldIcon Enterprise understands the importance of good habits in a business environment, so the firm has offered their top tips on replacing bad habits with good ones.

Good habits are absolutely crucial to success in business, believes GoldIcon Enterprise. In fact, if attendees show up for a meeting on time, it serves them well. Someone who turns up late on a regular basis is seen as unreliable, someone others cannot count on. Dwayne Foster, Managing Director of outsourced sales and marketing company GoldIcon Enterprise, points out that bad habits, such as being late, blaming others for their own mistakes or handing in reports after a deadline without notifying anyone, can set someone up for failure.

About GoldIcon Enterprise:

GoldIcon Enterprise has made it its mission to support business-minded individuals who want to open up and run their own successful business by providing them with the relevant skills and guidance. This March, the firm is offering exciting workshops, which help their contractors develop good habits. Inspired by an article on, Dwayne Foster of GoldIcon Enterprise outlines his tips for developing and maintaining good habits. It starts with everyone’s own philosophy. A positive philosophy will determine someone’s attitude, which creates actions, results and finally the success someone has in life.

1. If you are not early, you are late

According to GoldIcon Enterprise’s philosophy, it is crucial to show up on time. By doing so, half the battle is already won.

2. Show up consistently

Woody Allen once said that 80 percent of success is showing up every single day, even or especially when others fade out. This is when the magic happens, insists GoldIcon Enterprise.

3. Have a positive attitude

Often people complain about things they cannot influence, such as the weather. Dwayne Foster of GoldIcon Enterprise says: “Stop complaining and proactively focus on the good things in life. When you feel you are stuck, just change your approach.”

4. Focus on the long-term

GoldIcon Enterprise believes that people who think ahead and create long-term goals to work towards have a higher chance to be successful. They simply understand the bigger picture, rather than getting frustrated about some tiny stones on their way to their goal.

5. Do, don’t hope

There are people who hope they will be successful one day and there are others who act on it and become successful as a result. GoldIcon Enterprise believes that people who actively build a burning desire to succeed and are willing to work for it, have by far higher chances to become more successful than others.

6. Be willing to exchange a bad habit for a good one

GoldIcon Enterprise says that someone who has the intention to live a healthier lifestyle may have to give up the habit of eating junk food three times a week. “There may be a small price to pay to transform your bad habit into a good one; however the result in the long-term will be worth the sacrifice.”

7. Lead by example

Successful leaders always do the right thing, even if no one is watching.

Located in Birmingham, GoldIcon Enterprise is an outsourced sales and marketing solutions company. The firm’s mission is to extend their market reach across the UK and beyond. Their success is based on the company’s values and the fact that GoldIcon Enterprise encourages their contractors to eliminate any bad habits and transform them into good ones instead.

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GoldIcon Enterprise Offers Top Tips for Replacing Bad Habits with Good Habits