Future Generation Marketing Reveals How to Turn Lip Service into Customer Service

As businesses grow it can be easy to lose sight of the core customer service foundations that led to their success. Future Generation Marketing have outlined the difference between quality customer service and lip service, and shared how businesses can deliver on their promises.

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Before the days of digital the only way for businesses to build a loyal customer base was through providing quality customer service. However digital technologies have given businesses a means to not only reach a wider audience, but provide customer service with very little human interaction. This has allowed the majority of businesses to grow at a much faster rate, yet the lack of personalised customer service has meant that customer retention rates are struggling across the board. With a greater number of customers, businesses have a greater responsibility to ensure each customer receives a quality, personalised service. However, the majority are failing to deliver and are instead relying on outdated and insincere clichés learnt on customer service training programmes.

Future Generation Marketing believe that no matter their size, all businesses must make customer service the central component of their business strategies. To avoid paying lip service to their customers, the firm have outlined the following common issues that customers encounter on their quest for real, personalised service:

Recording Maze

These days calling a customer help line fills the majority of customers with dread, not only due to the hours of on hold music they have to endure, but also because of the endless recorded messages they have to navigate through to actually access the help they need. Option menus may seem like a convenient solution for businesses, but for customers they can be frustrating, especially if there is no option for their particular issue, or if they press the wrong number and get rerouted back to where they started.


Apologising for the inconvenience doesn't actually provide any solutions to customers and can often just cause further frustration. Clichés do nothing but highlight a representative's lack of knowledge and experience.


This is almost like a screening process, where a representative will assess the seriousness of a customer's issue to see whether it is serious enough to bother a manager with. Often the representative will ask customers to perform simple diagnostics which in the majority of cases they have already done before calling, before being passed on to someone 'higher up' who will no doubt go through the same spiel again.

Future Generation Marketing believe that these issues are standing in the way of customer loyalty and are urging businesses to review their practices in order to provide a more personalised and effective customer experience. Businesses must understand the life time value of each customer, and recognise that retaining existing customers is far more profitable and beneficial than attracting new ones. The firm believe that by failing to provide quality service businesses are running the risk of losing trust on the marketplace, which once lost is difficult to get back.

As a leading sales and event marketing firm, Future Generation Marketing has seen first-hand how personalised customer service can help a business thrive. Through face to face customer interactions the firm help their clients to build unique connections with each customer and deliver a service which meets their individual needs. With many businesses worried that providing quality customer service is too expensive the firm are keen to highlight they offer a pay on results service, and that outsourcing customer service to experts in the field could dramatically increase a company's ROI and market reputation.

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