Fortitude Plethora warn leaders to be open and honest

After running a recent meeting on the importance of communication between business leaders and their teams, Fortitude Plethora are warning those in leadership to be honest when communicating and reveals how this can drive engagement and increased performance.

Fortitude Plethora are confident that open and honest communication is the key to successful leadership as it evokes a strong company culture which individuals can identify with. Individuals are more likely to work hard for leaders who they like, trust and respect. Fortitude Plethora says that the only way to earn this is to be open and honest with team members.

About Fortitude Plethora:

This honest and open culture is expected to boost engagement within the firm, highlights Fortitude Plethora. Engaged employees are far more likely to demonstrate dedication and commitment, which helps to aid long-term growth for a company. The foundation for genuine employee engagement begins with extensive and effective communication, reveals Fortitude Plethora.

Here, Fortitude Plethora have revealed some good practices for outstanding communication:

Strategic internal communications plan
It is important to develop a detailed plan that outlines specific messaging and tactics for communicating with prospects and existing customers. A clear and strategic internal communication strategy is the engine that drives employee engagement.

Consistent two-way communication across all levels of enterprise
Fortitude Plethora states how it is vital to establish a two-way flow of information that consistently carries information throughout the firm. Doing this will eliminate inaccuracies and empower workforces with appropriate information.

There is no frequency standard for communication. Send information too frequently and it gets lost in a sea of messages; too infrequent and employees may lose confidence. Make sure that communications are relevant and targeted to avoid unnecessarily contributing to information overload.

Engaging messages
Great content starts with a clear goal and thorough understanding of the audience. The core message needs to be consistent at every level but it is important to tailor messages and delivery to the appropriate audience to increase understanding.

Robust communication channels
Make communications available to employees in a variety of ways, but always ensure face-to-face communication is available. Fortitude Plethora encourages offering employees a choice in how they access information to create a sense of empowerment and respect.

Eliminate a fear of repercussion
Some individuals can be wary of expressing themselves honestly, fearing for the security of their job. Fortitude Plethora states that it is important for managers to establish a safe place where employees can voice their opinions without fear of repercussion.

Measure, measure, measure
To know whether communication strategies are effective it is important to regularly ask employees, reveals Fortitude Plethora.

Fortitude Plethora is a Manchester-based sales and marketing firm that specialises in a unique form of direct marketing. The firm connects with consumers via face-to-face marketing methods in order to encourage long-lasting and personal business relationships between brand and consumer. This often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.

Fortitude Plethora regularly shares leadership insights with their contractors so that they can build a brighter future within the industry. Fortitude Plethora understands that good communication in these situations is vital for success for all parties.


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Fortitude Plethora warn leaders to be open and honest