Fortitude Plethora Share How Travel Drives Averages in Business

With the firm on track to complete their best week of 2016 in terms of client results, Sales and marketing experts Fortitude Plethora have revealed how their recent travel commitments and road trips have helped them to boost their overall performance.

About Fortitude Plethora:

Based in Manchester, Fortitude Plethora provides a quick and easy route to market for clients in a range of sectors, including Finance, Beauty and Telecommunications. The firm believes that in the current marketing world, customers are struggling to get their voices heard by brands, and as a result brand loyalty is on the decline. Fortitude Plethora is on a mission to change this, while still delivering exceptional sales results to their clients. To increase customer engagement and drive a consistent ROI Fortitude Plethora specialise in pop-up sales and marketing campaigns, which allows them to meet with their client's consumers one on one and communicate in a more meaningful way. By meeting in person on behalf of their clients, Fortitude Plethora can listen to each consumer's needs and preferences, and tailor a brand experience which is entirely unique to them. This personalised, hands-on approach to marketing and customer service has led to Fortitude Plethora becoming one of Manchester's most exciting sales and marketing firms – offering a guaranteed return on investment and high customer retention.

Due to the success of their personalised marketing approach, and their reputation continuing to soar across the North Fortitude Plethora recently revealed that they are currently on track to achieve their best weekly results of 2016. Breaking previous sales records, the firm is set to generate the highest sales results for the client base ever, and end 2016 on an incredible high.

As well as being close to reaching this fantastic achievement Fortitude Plethora has also confirmed that in the last few weeks they have been able to help not one, but three young sales and marketing professionals progress to the next level of their business journeys.

In the run up to 2017, these achievements have put Fortitude Plethora in a strong position for further business growth and development over the coming 12 months. As to what has influenced this boost in performance, Managing Director of Fortitude Plethora Toni Stewart believes that the firm's recent travel opportunities have contributed significantly. ‘We've spent a lot of time on the road recently, taking our client's campaigns to new markets, as well as travelling internationally for business events. I think it's hard not to be inspired by a change of environment, and believe this to be a great source of motivation'.

Fortitude Plethora is confident that their commitment to travel has helped them to drive averages and keep their workforce inspired and engaged. Working in the same environment day in day out can lead to lethargy and a drop in focus and creative thinking. Switching up the work environment and encouraging people to travel not only offers a more stimulating environment which instantly increases focus, but it also presents the opportunity for people to meet and learn from new people, helping them to gain new perspectives and source greater motivation.

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