Ex-Playboy model Kara Lina Spends £275k to Reverse 10 Over-The-Top Plastic Surgeries for Fashion and Lands the Cover of Gmaro Magazine

For immediate release. March 4, 2021

Canadian model Kara Lina was once a big fanatic of over-the-top plastic surgeries. She even gained a whopping almost 350k followers on her instagram @iamkaralina, by sharing sexy snaps of her surgically-enhanced body in barely-there outfits. That voluptuous look that she spent thousands of pounds on and countless weeks of recovery, landed her on the cover of Playboy and Maxim magazines several times all around the world. As a young girl just entering the modeling industry, this seemed like a good idea to her. 

She saved-up the money working long hours at night doing promo gigs in Toronto to achieve her fake, voluptuous barbie-doll look. Fast forward a few years and a friend close to the model says she regrets going under the knife immensely, and she was tired of the horrible lumps around her lips. 

Not only did she hate waking up and looking at herself in the mirror, but she realized she wasn't taken very seriously due to her Playboy look. She also suffered many aches and pains due to what she's described as "over-the-top surgeries" from multiple doctors." The model says she is more mature now, and spending thousands of pounds to remove her breast implants, dissolve the filler in her buttocks, remove the threads for her mini face-lift and neck-lift, and dissolve the multiple fillers around her face and lips was worth it. 

"I spent more than I should, but I wanted to make sure I went to a proper professional this time, because my hope is to not go under the knife again!" said Kara Lina.

"I can't get my old nose back after the few rhinoplasties I've had, or reverse my multiple liposuctions, but all in all I have achieved a more natural look," explained the model.

After months locked in her London home recovering from her reversal surgeries, she finally revealed herself to the world with a bang. Her new look is more natural and sophisticated and this recently landed her the cover of Gmaro fashion magazine. 

"Ditching my over-the-top Playboy image and embracing fashion is something I'm very proud of. I'm more mature now and I don't like to over-expose myself. The past is the past, and landing my first fashion cover is only the beginning for me. I am happy I have undergone the reversal surgeries. I deserve better," said the model. 

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Ex-Playboy model Kara Lina Spends £275k to Reverse 10 Over-The-Top Plastic Surgeries for Fashion and Lands the Cover of Gmaro Magazine