10-Time Cover Model Anna Alimani Rejects Billionaire Boyfriend's Proposal on a Private Jet

NYC city socialite and cover model Anna Alimani says she's had just about enough of false promises. She had been dating her billionaire heir boyfriend for six months and had grown tired of his cheap ways. 

Anna, who has almost 80k followers on Instagram, is a thriving model who recently graced the cover of L'Officiel India amongst many others last year, and is also a businesswoman, and it shows in her many witty and visually appealing posts. Anna has beauty and brains, in addition to her successful modeling career, she is also a Manhattan realtor and sells luxury properties. According to an insider close to the pair, due to her busy lifestyle, she felt drained always having to make herself available for a man eight years her senior, who is as "emotionally intelligent as a 12 year old."

At only 24 years old, Anna has made her own money, and continues to make more successful moves in her industry, so having to prove herself to a man who has never had to work a day in his life, sleeps all day, is depressed for no apparent reason, and depends on his trust fund, was not attractive to the model whatsoever. 

The proposal occurred when she and her billionaire heir boyfriend had just landed at the Van Nuys Private Airport in Los Angeles, after a holiday in Monaco. The model recalls the holiday was miserable as she felt like a "mommy" to this man whom she even had to remind to eat, take his vitamins, and deal with his spoiled brat-type mental breakdowns. An insider source says the model always felt like she was put last and any bare-minimum thing he would do for her would be treated as if he had moved mountains for her in an effort to manipulate her into staying with him in this one-sided relationship. Anna also discovered many lies involving the state of his family's financial affairs, heritage, and realized he wouldn't have access to his daddy's cash for years to come, hence why he always tried to say he would never marry a "gold-digger" in hopes of shaming her, and women in general, into staying with him for his "personality."  

Tired of dealing with him, Anna rejected his proposal, as she also didn't see it as genuine, and as just as another attempt to manipulate her into giving him more of her time and energy. 

Currently residing in Manhattan's Upper East Side, Anna is very focused on herself and her goals right now. Her ideal type of man is someone who is secure, not just financially, but also intellectually. Someone who is confident, witty, with a slight hint of sarcasm, who cares about his health and well-being, and who is also considerate, affectionate, and who would appreciate a good woman, like her, in his life. 

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10-Time Cover Model Anna Alimani Rejects Billionaire Boyfriend's Proposal on a Private Jet