Evoque Innovations: Talent is more Important than Experience

Supermarket giants Asda announced this week the appointment of a new marketing chief who lacked a traditional marketing background. Evoque Innovations has revealed how they believe talent and passion is far more important that experience, and have shared what it is they look for in candidates.

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Asda has announced that their new marketing boss will be Barry Williams, a man that doesn't have a traditional background in marketing but does have a history in food retail. Asda's new marketing chief was previously its chief merchandising officer for food, a commercial role that gave him oversight of fresh, ambient and non-edible areas of the Asda business. Mr Williams has more than 20 years experience in food retail having previously worked for Kwik Save, the Co-op and Musgrave Retail Partners and has been involved in key strategic moves within the Asda brand, including leading traders in the Netto acquisition programme. The company say that although he may not be experienced in marketing, his "absolute focus on doing the right things for customers" made him the "natural choice" for the position.

Evoque Innovations believes that many big brands are making moves similar to Asda as they are looking to skills in other areas that matter more than experience in the industry, such as ecommerce and customer focus, rather than a history in branding and campaigns.

Evoque Innovations, Managing Director, Tom Gilday, believes that with people living longer and the pension age being raised, people are staying in work longer, meaning that the younger generation are struggling to find work. The firm says that as the times are changing many graduates, although fully qualified, are struggling to find work in their chosen fields after completing their studies. Evoque Innovations suggests that this means many are being forced to take an 'alternative route' to success, either starting in entry-level positions in their chosen fields, or changing their line of work altogether.

Evoque Innovations is an outsourced sales and direct marketing firm based in Birmingham. The firm works with post-graduates and the younger generation to help them develop their skill sets and offer them experience in the sales and marketing industry. When expanding, the firm look for natural talent and drive rather than experience and offer freelance, contract and self-employed opportunities which appeal to the younger generation who are looking to take control of their own careers. Evoque Innovations believes that having a passion for the industry and the drive to succeed means that a person is likely to do well, even if they have no or little experience.

Evoque Innovations offers a business development programme to everyone they recruit which means that they have the opportunity to develop business knowledge and experience. The programme teaches candidates skills ranging from, financing, to sales techniques, to leadership and much more. The programme gives candidates the opportunity to develop every-day business skills relevant for those looking to pursue entrepreneurship in the future.

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