Evoque Innovations’ CEO Speaks at Industry Event

CEO of Evoque Innovations, Tom Gilday recently gave an insightful speech at an important industry event for young leaders.

Evoque Innovations recently attended an important industry event in Birmingham which aimed to encourage development as well as celebrate recent successes within the industry. Evoque Innovations feels that this event was designed to not only be motivational and educational but inspiring for future young leaders in the sales and marketing industry.

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Tom Gilday of Evoque Innovations was invited to the event as a guest speaker and offered his advice on the topic of attacking opportunities with 100% effort. The business owner feels that this was an incredibly important topic as it encourages individuals to give everything they have in order to reach their own personal goals as well as professional goals. Evoque Innovations actively encourages their contractors to give everything they have and commit 100% to becoming a success at every given task, therefore Mr. Gilday was able to speak passionately about the topic and give motivating examples of effort and success.

The industry event was designed to help encourage and motivate young leaders as sales can be a tough industry, and requires 100% commitment to success. Evoque Innovations believes that keeping up and coming business professionals motivated is vital for the sales and marketing industry as whole in order to produce new top talent and keep the industry thriving. Evoque Innovations highlights how this will also benefit the economy as the more the industry grows the more positions become available, meaning that more people are earning money and consumer confidence grows.

The event was also a good networking opportunity for all of the young leaders involved to connect with like-minded industry professionals who have already achieved what they wish to achieve in the industry. Evoque Innovations feels that this is very important as it helps business professionals to seek advice and overcome any obstacles they may have been facing.

Evoque Innovations is an outsourced sales and direct marketing firm based in Leicester. The firm specialises in a unique form of marketing which allows them to connect with their clients’ ideal consumers via face-to-face marketing strategies. This personalised interaction with consumers helps to drive long-lasting and personal business relationships between brand and consumer. In turn, this often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness, and brand loyalty, as well as a high return on investment for their clients.

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