EA Worldwide Acquisitions Highlight the 3 Attributes for Success in Business

Hard Work, a Strong Vision and the Confidence to Take Risks are the 3 key attributes to Success, according to Josh Cote, successful businessman and Managing Director of EA Worldwide Acquisitions.

In a recent interview for a National radio station, successful businessman, entrepreneur and Managing Director of leading customer acquisitions firm, EA Worldwide Acquisitions, Josh Cote was asked; as he often is ‘What is the key to your success?’

Josh Cote established his first business in Boston, USA in 2001 and since then his company; EA Worldwide Acquisitions Ltd has excelled in the saturated outsourced sales and marketing industry. The firm has gone from strength to strength; seeing off fierce competition from other companies within the industry, to provide a first class customer acquisition service for their clients. Josh Cote is a renowned entrepreneur in both the USA and in the UK markets. A businessman dedicated to nurturing a greater education of entrepreneurship within the younger generations, Josh Cote sees ‘hard work’, ‘risking taking’ and ‘tunnel vision’ as the three key factors to ensure success.

Hard work was the first reason Josh Cote cited as a key factor for success. Since his days at Springfield College in New England, USA where he studied Sports Management, Josh Cote has always been a hard worker. Entrepreneurship allows hard workers like Josh Cote to see progression and results that are based on the efforts and performances put in, which is why not all entrepreneurs succeed. ‘If succeeding was easy then everyone would do it’ said Josh Cote. ‘Working harder than anyone else will eventuate in success’ added Josh Cote.

Among people worth $5 million or more, more than 98 percent cited hard work as a "wealth creation factor." More than 90 percent cited education, followed by "smart investing," "frugality" and then "taking risk."

Risk Taking is the second reason Josh Cote attributed to his success in business. ‘Risk taking is often mentioned as a key attribute of successful entrepreneurs and there is a reason for that’ said Josh Cote. ‘You have to know when to take risks along with having the confidence to pull them off.’ Risk taking is essential for innovation and must become a core skill for business owners if they want their company to succeed. Through practice, business owners like Josh Cote learn how to recognize opportunities and possibilities; that may involve a risk being taken, rather than playing safe and treading the well-worm paths of enquiry.

Tunnel Vision, the third attribute for success. ‘There will no doubt be bumps in the road but having an eye on the prize or the end goal is essential. If you lose sight of the end goal it is easy to get lost. If you are able to focus on the goal and your only vision is success, no matter which negatives are thrown into the mix you will succeed’ said Josh Cote.

The driven and ambitious mindset of Josh Cote has ensured the success of EA Worldwide Acquisitions not only within the saturated outsourced sales and marketing industry but also in the USA and the UK. Due to the hard work, risk taking and tunnel vision that Josh Cote has perfected during his accomplished 10 year career, EA Worldwide Acquisitions is thriving at a time that many other start-ups try and fail in the UK.

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