Dry feet without sandbags with revolutionary SlamDam

Sandbags against your door! That was the motto when floods were imminent. And even then you had to count yourself lucky if the water did not rise too fast, because building a dam out of sandbags or turning blocks takes a while. The revolutionary Dutch invention SlamDam is an innovative flood defence which can be installed rapidly during imminent high water, plainly by only two people. And which is rolled up to a manoeuvrable size after usage. A large step forward in the safety of hearth and home during flood water.

The SlamDam concept is brilliant in his simplicity: fight water with water. It is an elongated ‘water sack’ which due to a clever combination of shape and material remains steadily in position at a water height upto minimally half a meter. ,,In disasters like the recent Somerset floods, the SlamDam could have been of great value”, says director Wim Sondagh. ,,With the SlamDam, people are able to keep the water outside easily, fast, extensively and effectively.” The SlamDam has recently been shown on BBC1 West, in a documentary.

The SlamDam is light weight and can therefore be easily transported, installed and put away afterwards. With two people, the SlamDam can be rolled out without too much effort and filled with water. Furthermore, an empty SlamDam takes up very little space, making it easy to store in every residence, company or location. SlamDam makes safety during floods accessible for everybody due to the low price.

The SlamDam has been tested elaborately during the development, amongst others on the test fields of the Technical University at Delft (The Netherlands). The worldwide safety certification TÜV PAS1188-2:2009 is an acknowledgement of the reliability and security. Thanks to the high-quality material, the SlamDam has a long lifespan. Therefore, every SlamDam has a ten-year warranty period on the material.

The SlamDam has three versions. The SlamDam Home has a three-meter length, for private individuals. For the professional market, there is the SlamDam Profi with a five-meter length. And especially for firebrigades, there is the eight-meter SlamDam Firebrigade sack. All three versions can be easily attached to each other: just make sure there is an overlap of minimally four centimeters and the water takes care of the rest.

For more information, go to http://www.slamdam.nl.


EDITOR’S NOTE: for more information on this press release, you may contact SlamDam in Almere, The Netherlands, 0031-36-5359262.

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Dry feet without sandbags with revolutionary SlamDam