Dr Ashish Dutta Talks on Different Types of Fat Transfer.

The world we live in is increasingly moving towards balance. From our social lives to our work sphere to our personality traits and even the food we eat, we are attempting to establish a sense of balance in each and every sphere of life. More than ever before, we are focusing upon balance as the greatest feature for control in order to lead our lives in the way we wish to. And since we desire balance as a value to be embedded in our lives in all its completeness, we are thus moving more and more towards a holistic lifestyle that encompasses old world values.

We have our ideals for the perfect body set in relation to the areas that we like when they are fuller and the areas that we wish to eliminate fat from. We do make numerous attempts to achieve the kind of body we desire naturally, by working out or by intricately monitoring our diets, but that does not always work. No matter how hard we try, there are some specific areas of our body that are just not ready to shed the layers of fat and then there are some areas that just won't take up any amount of fat. This is because we are all very different from each other. Different because our bodies are constituted in distinct manners which then implies that some parts of our bodies are inherently chubby whereas others remain skinny. This then draws the conclusion that there is no such thing as a ‘perfect body’ since we all have varying and diverse frameworks. . This can also be demotivating for someone who tries really hard to attain a particular body type. More so, it can often put one off because even when one is making all possible attempts, seeing no results can be disheartening.

But medical science has done its job well and how! We can now achieve what we desire with medical intervention. In order to get us one step closer to the balanced bodies we desire, we have a range of treatments that can help us alter the composition of our body fat. This would essentially help us in restoring the balance that we seek to achieve. One such treatment is the fat transfer procedure which essentially means transferring fat from the areas where it is undesirable to the areas where it is considered desirable.

Fat transfer has been made popular because of the various treatments that one can undertake such as fat transfer of the breasts, the face, buttocks and more.

Fat transfer can be done through various means which is why the procedures have distinct names such as Macro Fat Transfer, Mini Fat Transfer, Nano Fat Transfer. These basically signify that the fat is being taken by different sized canvas and therefore the particle size is variable. For instance, fat transfer for the breasts requires a 2 or 3 mm cannula since the fat particles are around that size, but for a finer fat transfer, such as the one at the corner of the lip, we might use a mini or even a nano fat transfer.

Nano fat transfer is a refined form of fat transfer where we use a cannula of size 1mm or less, up to 1/2 mm. The particles are very fine and thus mimic the dermal fillers, the results they produce are also very subtle. This is a better form of treatment because the fat belongs to the patient himself/herself, which reduces the chances of rejection to a great extent. Nano fat transfer can be said to be the future of facial rejuvenation because the results are long-lasting. It has the potential to last for years if the procedure is performed with adequate care.

At the Aesthetic Beauty Centre, we understand your personal case and try to suggest the best possible procedures for you. You can get a consultation session scheduled to know more about the best procedure for yourself. Get your session booked now!

The Author Dr Ash Dutta, Founder of Aesthetic Beauty Centre, is one of the few highly trained and accredited surgeons in the UK. You can follow him on Facebook, Vimeo, LinkedIn & Twitter.

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