Dr Ashish Dutta Speaks About Motiva Breast Implants Which Contain A Computer Chip Inside The Silicon.

Dr Ashish Dutta, Founder of Aesthetic Beauty Centre and one of the few highly trained and accredited surgeons in the UK will take us through the new breast augmentation technology called Motiva.

What is Motiva?

Motiva breast implant is a revolutionary product that has been designed to entirely transform the breast enhancement procedure through texturing implants. And it has done just that, so much so that it has taken over since it was introduced. Let’s explore it’s features and why this product is so revolutionary.

How is Motiva different from other implants available in the market?

What sets it apart from all the available options of implants is the surface and the texture. Super smooth with a simple texture, believed to reduce issues that could arise after the procedure.

Another distinguishing feature of the Motiva implant is that they come with a computer chip planted inside the silicon, showing how scientific advancements and careful planning/execution can assist in making surgical procedures simpler and the post-surgical care and maintenance much easier than ever before.

What is the exact function of the computer chip?

The computer chip that has been planted inside the surface of the implant gives us the information about when the implant was manufactured, what kind of implant it is, ie. the variant of the implant.

But it does not end there. Motiva is continuously working on modifying, improving and further pushing the boundaries in regards, specifically, to the computer chip. Work is soon to be in progress for certain advancements and plans for planting other kinds of chips that could give out information about the PH level, whether or not the implant has ruptured, and can even to the extent of providing information on the temperature of the implant.

What benefit does this information gathered by the computer chip provide?

The computer chip does more than just provide information; it does this from an internal perspective, and that’s what sets it apart. This is undoubtedly better for patients, bringing out/highlighting anything that could make the implant more suitable. It levels up the safety quotient and at the same time helps in creating a base for all the amendments needed. There is always the factor of reduced risks as all that is happening inside the implant can be accessed from the outside and hence any action, if needed, could be taken at a much earlier stage and addressed.

Can the texture of the breast implants become a ground for any complications at a later stage?

The texture depth forms the most basic element of a texturing breast implant. It, of course, has an impact on many issues that could arise.

Over the recent years, we have seen the emergence of ALCL, which stands for the Anaplastic large-cell lymphoma in our patients. A potential cause, to which it has been attributed, is the various textures of the implants available in the market.

Altering the texture depth of the implants can help in reducing the risks and the complications such as ALCL in patients.

How can the Motiva implants help in overcoming this challenge?

Motiva has two types of surface: a silk surface and a velvet surface. Texturing depth of the silk surface sums up to somewhere between 16 to 20 microns and the velvet surface stands somewhere between 40 to 100 microns. The point to be considered here is that this texturing depth is about half the depth of the other texturing implants available in the market.

It is hoped that the simple and smooth texture of the Motiva implants will reduce the risk of the emergence of the Anaplastic large-cell lymphoma in our patients.

Why should one opt for Motiva over other available options?

Reduced risk is one factor that most people consider when it comes to any surgical procedures or implants, and Motiva provides just that. The factor of smooth and silky feeling implant is what makes the implant better than the variants available. The feature of the computer chip is definitely something that lends it an upper hand in the game. One can surely consider Motiva when opting for breast implant surgery.

How do I know if Motiva is the right option for me?

All individuals have distinct, unique needs. No matter how wonderful a particular product may seem to a person, one must always consider the possibilities of it being either suitable or not suitable. Motiva is a good choice over other products in many ways but one must always have a consultation first. The surgeon will guide you through the entire procedure after assessing your particular case closely.

Dr Ashish Dutta who is also known as Dr Ash Dutta, is a board certified cosmetic surgeon, the founder and Chief Surgeon at the Aesthetic Beauty Centre. He is a MBBS, LRCP, LRCS, LMSSA, DFFP, MRCGP, DPD and a B-Tec in Advanced Skin Laser Technology & IPL. You can follow him on Facebook, Vimeo, LinkedIn & Twitter.

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