Designer Aquaponics is the Aquarium of the Future

News provided by Zhar Research on Thursday 26th Oct 2023

Illuminated fish tanks delight from home to restaurant, hotel to cruise ship. Here is your opportunity with the modern equivalent – designer aquaponics. You can support, license, make or sell the aquarium of the future. With this, you can educate and otherwise support the vital green revolution. Your customer's school, reception area or other space can display fish and edible plants growing inter-dependently in the same circulated water system. This designer aquarium of the future is luxury decor, a talking point and a magnet for people. Zhar Research is promoting the new venture.

If you are interested in getting involved, you can see one in operation. The residents on display are freshwater crayfish, crabs, shrimps and fish only for display as they feed the greens and herbs you can eat, these purifying the water. Plants grow faster because they have access to nutrients 24 hours a day and optimal lighting. For example, the aquaponic system speeds up the growth of lettuce from two months to one month. This designer form comes with essential know-how and support.

Such aquaponics systems exist in industry but not as the educational, entertaining items of quality furniture presented in this new invention with important associated know-how. They do not harbor soil pests, therefore no pesticides are necessary and water use is near-zero compared to conventional agriculture grabbing most of the world’s clean water. Teach how we can avoid herbicides and artificial fertilise.

No need to fret over complex gardening techniques or soil management. Simply plug it in, set it up, and let the magic unfold. Thanks to its aquaponic system combining plants and fish in one symbiotic system, you will witness a captivating cycle of life as nature’s harmony takes center stage.

The mesmerising LED lighting, mimicking the gentle hues of sunlight, bathes your plants in a warm, inviting glow. It is not just about aesthetics; it is about creating the perfect environment for growth. The adjustable lighting settings ensure your plants receive the ideal amount of light, encouraging photosynthesis and stimulating their lush greenery. The display fish tank can be at top or bottom, the cabinet size and aesthetics in various designer styles.

Contact us here if you wish to know more about this exciting business opportunity. Sales of individual items are not currently on offer, so you can be in at the beginning.

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