Danish Camp-let is on World Tour

Melanie Heitner and her boyfriend Stefan Krallinger have taken at least three years out of the calendar to drive around the world in an old Mercedes 190 and a Camp-let trailer tent. So far, the couple have driven 35.000 km and visited nine countries in the Americas.

Camp-let is sold in 23 countries, even in far-reaching destinations such as New Zealand, Sri Lanka and South Korea. Now people in the rest of the world will also get the opportunity to greet the massively popular Danish trailer tent, as it tours the world with an old Mercedes and a young German couple.

The Mercedes is 32 years old, Melanie Heitner is 33 and Stefan Krallinger is 34, but the Camp-let trailer tent was completely new when their World Tour started a year ago. The German-Austrian couple both work in the tourism industry, and although they have the whole world as their workspace, they don’t sell the form of travel they are currently embarking on.

The three-year long World Tour project is called 5c100c because the couple will travel across 5 continents to visit 100 countries before returning to Germany.

”Our trip have been planned for several years, and we had thought a lot about our accommodation standards until we saw a Camp-let trailer tent at a trade show in Dusseldorf last year, and this wagon is just perfect for this purpose. –It is easy to put up and it is easy to drive. Furthermore we can camp for free with a trailer tent in a lot of places, and then it is possible to travel on a very low budget”, says Stefan Krallinger.

You might think it seems daring that the couple have chosen to drive an old Mercedes 190, which has driven 290,000 kilometers, for a rough ride through South America, the United States and then moving on to Australia, New Zealand and Central Asia. However, there is an explanation.

”A Mercedes like ours is one of the last cars where everything is mechanical. There are no electronics, which means that we can get the car repaired everywhere, even at the most primitive car workshops across the globe. The car was shipped by boat from Hamburg to Montevideo in a container only with a few spare parts, and the same goes for our Camp-let”, says Melanie and Stefan.

“There has been little hassle with the car, but the Camp-let has become our best friend. It only takes us 10 minutes to put it up, and we get a great night’s sleep. Furthermore, the trailer tent is getting nicely decorated, as we ask people in all the countries we visit to draw or write a little greeting on the wagon.” The couple tells us that the Camp-let will be sold at auction when the World Tour is over, and the money will go to a project supporting children.

Melanie and Stefan had never lived together before they went on the World Tour, so this trip is also a test to see if the love will last when two people live closely together in a trailer tent. -But so far it is going great, according to the couple.

The trip is funded through the couple's savings, sponsorships, and income from the sale of TV footage that the couple is filming while travelling around. Camp-let has provided a Camp-let Classic trailer tent for the German globetrotters. In return, Camp-let wants to make use of their experience: following the journey of a Camp-let trailer tent as it travels thousands of kilometers in all conceivable weather and road conditions. So far, the Camp-let has been in tow for 35.000 km across nine countries in the Americas.

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See the video greeting from Melanie and Stefan here

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Danish Camp-let is on World Tour