COVID-19 Working from home survey - 37% Want to work from home

Consultants at Intrafocus noticed that many of its customers who had been forced to work at home during the COVID-19 crisis were getting on with their jobs and easily completing everything they needed to do. This prompted Intrafocus to conduct a survey to ask three simple questions:

1. Are you working at home due to COVID-19?
(Answer yes if you are working at home due to the virus, not if you usually work at home.)

2. Are you working at home successfully?
(Have you been able to complete most (80% or more) of your usual work at home?)

3. Would you prefer to work at home when things get back to normal?
(When the COVID-19 crisis is over, would you like to work at home most of the time ?)

Of the 636 responses, they found:

69% of the total number surveyed have been forced to work at home (436 respondents)

59% of the total number surveyed said yes, they were able to complete their work at home successfully. That is a massive 86% of the people working at home during the crisis. (373 respondents)

37% of the total number surveyed also said that they would like to continue working at home for the majority of their time (237 respondents).

Two clear trends:

Firstly, that a surprising number of respondents were already in a position to work from home successfully - completing most of their work, if not all of it.

Secondly, a large number of respondents (37%) would like to continue working at home when the crisis is over.

This is a staggering increase in the number of people currently classified as 'homeworkers' in the United Kingdom. To put this into context, before the lockdown, out of a total UK workforce of 32.6 million people, just 1.7 million (5.2%) people worked mainly from home. And around 8.7 million (27%) people have worked from home at some time. The survey shows a staggering increase of 31.8% 

This survey may be small in size, but its findings will almost certainly cause businesses and governments to re-evaluate their homeworking policies at the end of the crisis.

The full report, COVID-19 Working from Home, can be found on the Intrafocus website.

About Intrafocus
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