COVID-19 SAFE INCOME: Free Online Businesses For The Newly Unemployed


With almost 10 million people filing for unemployment in the US within 2 weeks, an estimated rise of unemployment in the UK to rise to 21% of the workforce and no sign of the world economy opening its doors anytime soon, now is a worrying time for individuals and families suffering from unemployment across almost all industries worldwide.

As people are forced to stay indoors, with little to no income and an abundance of spare time on the hands of many, Startup Streams has come up with the unique solution of offering free ecommerce businesses to those who have been impacted by the sudden global consequences of Covid-19.

Startup Streams create professional ecommerce stores whereby a new entrepreneur or anyone regardless of experience can purchase a pre-built ‘business in a box’ which can start making sales from day one of ownership. The people who usually acquire said stores do so from all over the world and may do so to complement their income, to replace their 9-5 dead end job or as a part time side hustle.

Beneficially, all Startup Streams stores come with products to sell which are all digital, meaning they are all ‘virus safe’: There are no physical products to send from China or elsewhere (unlike usual ecommerce dropshipping stores) which potentially puts lives of delivery drivers and customers at risk; there are no face-to-face sales or worry about delays in production and distribution due to interrupted daily life. Anyone can run and operate a Startup Streams business from inside their own home. All they need is an internet connection.

The founder of Startup Streams, Eddie Eastman, stated “With many millions of people around the world currently without work and with extra time on their hands, it makes sense for us to offer one of our best selling websites for free to help those in difficult situations. We can provide a website, the products and resources to learn how to become self-employed through ecommerce. It can give many people a chance to succeed online, provide those who are stuck indoors with a new sense of purpose and as importantly; learn many new skills which can be applied to a number of different professions for after the Covid-19 pandemic”.

The free online business available is in the ecommerce marketing niche, includes 7x ebooks to sell and usually retails for $449. There are no royalties to pay for selling the ebooks, product fulfilment is 100% automatic and new owners of the store can keep 100% of all profits. The free store is available for the unemployed in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand and the digital products can be sold from anywhere in the world to anyone in the world. The free business can be reviewed at

To qualify, those who are interested must send a short cover letter, of approximately 100 words, explaining how they would personally benefit from a free ecommerce business to The amount of free stores available is capped to an undisclosed amount and these shall be distributed at the discretion of Startup Streams based on the likelihood of applicants most willing to learn from the opportunity. Eddie added “It would be perfect if we could offer the tens of millions of unemployed worldwide with our free businesses but each store has to be made individually so we just don’t have the capacity to do so. We anticipate that competition will be steep, but encourage anyone who can qualify to apply today…”


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