Cornelius Vanderbilt to fund against Russian stocks despite Russian stocks plunge amid Ukraine tensions.

With the on-going invasion two one-month in the making, Cornelius Vanderbilt is still being optimistic on Russia’s market to fund Russia’s shares and stocks which could shrink as a result of Ukraine sanctions. Russia’s economy is expected to decline due to a result of Western sanctions and the country’s increasing isolation after Covid-19. The invasion has triggered a surge in global energy prices – threatening to exacerbate a cost of living squeeze in several countries, including the UK. The war comes as the global economy is still recovering from the pandemic.

Cornelius Vanderbilt believes the invasion is likely to add to inflationary pressures by disrupting exports of oil, natural gas, and wheat from Russia and Ukraine and raising prices. As a result, it will lead to share market volatile. Contrary, Cornelius Vanderbilt is still confident in Russia’s financial market as from the investment point of view, higher oil and gas prices could further benefit energy companies, whose stocks have been among the best performers over the past year. Cornelius Vanderbilt highlighted oil prices rose recently on Wednesday to more than $111 a barrel, the highest level since 2014, as the prospect of disruption in supplies from Russia sent energy markets surging further. Russia is the world’s second biggest oil exporter and world’s largest in natural gas.

Executive Vice President, Susan Liew says, “I am proud that my management is able to support clients holding Russian equities Russia’s market during current military action, even if it suffers significant economic damage as a result of sanctions. We are not a political firm and we must meet the needs of our clients. It was learnt that Russia is also the source of 10% of the world's energy and nearly 50% of the energy consumed in Europe which Russian gas is a major source of winter heating in Europe. The spiking energy prices have hurt European households and businesses, they also do not have an easy alternative source of energy to replace Russian natural gas. Should increases in oil and gas prices be sustained, Cornelius Vanderbilt is eager to provide financing to clients holding Russian fund Securities. Many of our clients are not even Russian, but do hold a large position in Russian stocks and they require financing Lending from Russia’s companies to improve Russia’s GDP and economy.”

Head of Global Sales & Underwriting, Jack Thorne, MBA, CPA says, “Since the world economies have taken a hit due to Covid we have had an increase in Loan applications, but now Russia is at war and is seeing massive sanctions by the Western world, we reach out with open arms to offer support to those Russian shareholder in need of financing against Russian stocks. Securities Financing is one the biggest debt financing mechanisms in the world and we are honored to provide this security during such a unprecedented time. We will continue to work with our counter-parts around the world, no matter the sanction’s placed, we are here to support shareholders and their financial needs”.

The Cornelius Vanderbilt management and advisory team leads a talented group of bankers, wealth managers, and consultants to provide our best-of-class services to individuals and institutional clientele across five continents. Our core suite of investment and merchant banking services will develop novel methods to scale your current capital through mobilization and to focus on your long-term security and growth. Our corporate values give you unique opportunities, complete transparency in making decisions, autonomy, and global management to oversee the expansion of your capital base. These services and our business solutions will secure the financial needs of future generations while allowing you to focus on current needs and demands.

Cornelius Vanderbilt is a premier provider of wealth management and multi-faceted Merger and Acquisition services in all aspects of debt and equity financing, restructuring, equity financing, securities lending, valuation, and strategic consulting. We are extending our rewards program to our Business Development Manager's. We welcome you with the opportunity to provide your clients bespoke liquidity solutions with our stock loan rewards program. You can earn a commission within 14 days of your client's initial application as well as earn extra bonuses for the referral.


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