Cornelius Vanderbilt sees record number of pre-approved loans in excess of $2.6B.

Cornelius Vanderbilt today announced that it had pre-approved loans of more than $2.6B globally in 2021. This is to help ease the short-term liquidity woes of businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Cornelius Vanderbilt announced.

The securities loan is intended to help listed corporations, with most of them facing obstacles such as the current banking systems stringent risk appetites or delay in funding due to certain lending parameters were not met, especially those from hard-hit sectors such as development, real estate, banks, retails outlets and other services.

While there is no way to tell exactly what the economic damage from the global COVID19 coronavirus pandemic will be, there is widespread agreement among economists that it will have severe negative impacts on the global economy. Early estimates predicated that, should the virus become a global pandemic, most major economies will lose at least 2.9% of their gross domestic product (GDP) over 2021. This forecast was already restated to a GDP loss of 3.4%. To put this number in perspective, global GDP was estimated at around 84.54 trillion US Dollars in 2020 – meaning that a 4.5% drop in economic growth results in almost 2.96 trillion US Dollars of lost economic output. (research from

If the economic recovery from COVID-19 is muted, some of the industries will take years to get back to their pre-pandemic normal. However, most of business recovery may take even longer due to consumer's spending has fallen.

The pre-approved loan were offered to our clients who were eligible in obtained securities lending. Cornelius Vanderbilt Capital Management has distinguished itself in the securities lending industry as a market leader with the liquidity and the administrative processes to provide capital and liquidity with the quickest possible turnaround. We offer the most discreet and confidential services to individuals, corporations, foundations, and institutions that have immediate cash needs.

Our program features:

  • the lowest interest rates in our sector
  • direct lending and loan administration with no middlemen or service entities
  • loan to value (LTV) ratios of up to 65% no principal payments, and only interest payments during the loan term
  • no restrictions on use of loan proceeds
  • transparency and simplicity at all stages of the loan application and administration processes

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