Closing the gap in maths through an app - in only 30 minutes a day

A new study reveals significant maths improvements for children learning with the right apps, regardless of their socio-economic background.

A lot of children in the UK are struggling in maths in their early years of school. This is especially true for learners with English as an additional language, and those who come from low-income families. Yet, a solid foundation is critical for children to succeed later on.

An in-depth study by the University of Nottingham has found that 30-minute sessions with the right software result in significant learning gains for all children, regardless of their background. Improvements were immediate and sustained over time.

The results show that the most significant learning gains were achieved by children with poor memory skills. The researchers associate the remarkable progress with the design of the software used in the intervention.

The maths apps used in the intervention were developed by non-profit onebillion. The onebillion apps are designed to allow every child to progress at their own speed. Every child receives immediate and personalised feedback, as well as repetitions and instructions as needed, which is particularly beneficial for children with learning difficulties.

The study found that with the right child-centred software, tablet interventions can be effective in supporting early maths development, and can foster inclusive learning.

About the study

The study “Closing the gap: Efficacy of a tablet intervention to support the development of early mathematical skills in UK primary school children” was carried out by Nicola Pitchford, Laura Outhwaite and Anthea Gulliford, School of Psychology, University of Nottingham, UK.

The full study report can be accessed on

About onebillion maths apps

onebillion is a non-profit developer of apps that allow children to learn maths and reading on their own, and at their own pace. The apps are carefully designed and cover two years of the curriculum. A friendly in-app teacher figure provides guidance, instructions, feedback, and praise for the child’s efforts.

onebillion maths apps are available on iOS and Android, in more than 50 languages. The apps are suitable for learning at home, and as classroom support in schools.

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Closing the gap in maths through an app - in only 30 minutes a day