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With the uncertain outcome of Brexit looming, concern is rising about the supply of essential baby products. Much like during COVID lockdown, Parents are concerned if their usual (imported) formula will remain available to them in the event of a no-deal Brexit, tariffs or supply shortages - especially as leading supermarkets such as Tesco are already limiting how many can be purchased.

As the only British made formula brand Kendamil can guarantee supply, deal or no deal – making the following promises to parents across the UK:

  • Kendamil, the only British baby milk, will have zero tariffs and guaranteed supply post-Brexit
  • Kendamil exclusively sources its fresh, full cream organic milk from 220 British farms, supporting our communities and sustaining our planet
  • Unlike imported brands like Aptamil, Cow&Gate, SMA, HiPP and Piccolo, Kendamil’s local British supply chain guarantees year-round availability for families

Lovingly made in the heart of the beautiful Lake District, Kendamil truly has developed the purest formula available. It is the only formula on the market made in the UK and is the only brand to use full-cream natural mammal milk fats.

Alarmingly for UK parents, every other infant formula brand sold in the UK is foreign-owned and foreign-made, using zero British milk and zero British ingredients. Kendamil is proud to be that exception and believe that children in this country deserve to be nourished using the world-class dairy our country has to offer.

Having spent the last 58 years perfecting its recipe, Kendamil is confident its unique formula is the best in the world. This was not only confirmed by Monde Selection in 2020, who awarded the brand a trio of its globally renowned Gold Medals, but also by mums themselves, who voted Kendamil the #1 bottle feeding product at the Mother&Baby Awards 2020. Unsurprisingly the brand also has a fast growing list of high profile customers, including Alex Jones, Pippa Middleton and Anna Williamson, and even the British Royal Family, having been selected as the formula of choice for Prince Louis.

It is not just being British that makes this brand so special. Unlike other UK formula brands, Kendamil formula proudly contains zero palm oil or fish oil. Instead the brand uses sustainably sourced plant-based Omega-3, not only making it a far more natural, better tasting product, but also the only vegetarian formula on the market.

The brand boasts a complete range to support babies at every stage. Kendamil Classic is our award-winning and original milk, Kendamil Organic offers the world’s first organic formula with HMOs (as found in breastmilk), while Kendamil Goat offers the only British made Goat formula and the first of its kind to contain HMOs. The range is stocked in leading UK supermarkets including ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Morrison’s, Ocado and Boots, as well as on Kendamil’s website, where free monthly doorstep delivery subscriptions are available for the ultimate convenience.

Speaking about the vision and commitment of Kendamil, CEO Ross McMahon said:

“Being the only British made formula means we can control our supply and promise to be available to parents when they need it. Breastmilk is best for babies, however, for various reasons, many parents will use infant formula at some point, and we will not let them down. We guarantee a high quality British made product, that supports our children with a more naturally wholesome recipe, and supports our world-class dairy farms here in the UK, deal or no deal.”

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