BRINGING THE BOUTIQUE HOTEL BAR TO YOUR BACK GARDEN Bespoke lifestyle-oriented social solutions

SEPTEMBER 8TH, 2020 - BATH, UK – launching today, The Outdoor Bar Company is a new Bath-based business which brings the style and vibe of a custom-made Boutique Hotel Bar to your garden.

The Outdoor Bar Company specialises in delivering outstanding build solutions coupled with the high design that you expect to find in some the of the world’s best boutique hotels – right in your own garden.

Behind the venture is Chris Jones, who draws on twenty year of experience in the Boutique Hotel Industry, having created numerous lauded hotels throughout the United States. “Out of the adversity of the past 6 months, comes opportunity” says Chris, who normally spends his time between Barcelona and Bath. “I think the “New Normal” has led to lots of folks having an enhanced appreciation of what we have on our own doorstep – and being able to socialise in our own gardens has provided a great relief for many. Taking that a step further, having the charm of a boutique hotel bar creates a great alternative that I think will “stick” even when the world starts to free up again. We also see an opportunity for the many local Pubs to enhance their gardens, with the addition of a stunning Outdoor Bar and accompanying revenue opportunity.”

The bars are already creating a buzz. The recently completed project in Bath has a feel of a New York hotel bar, with stools pulled up to a copper bar top fronted with reclaimed wood. A piped rear back bar with vintage teak and a custom canvas roof completes the look and the bars have their own mini beer kegs, plus LED lighting controllable from your smart phone. Each of the bars is individually designed and equipped with a host of amenities, but design takes centre stage, with customers able to incorporate everything from beer and wine taps, to pizza ovens, heater units and a DJ booth. There’s even an off-grid solar option for more remote locations. “No two bars will ever be the same” says Chris, who believes this to be a central core value to the company.

Customers can also name their bars and through partnerships with local companies, the Outdoor Bar Company intends to promote curated Wine, Beers and Spirits from local purveyors and of course, given the Barcelona connection, some Catalonian Cava.

Prices will vary depending on the size and scope but start at £6,500.

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The Outdoor Bar Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bauhouse Studio Ltd, a UK Company. For more information, please visit


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