Brexit a Bigger Threat to Children's Future than Climate Change According to 1 in 5 Parents

Parents have plenty to worry about. But 1 in 5 parents with children under the age of 18 believe the biggest threat to their children’s futures is Brexit.

That’s according to a recent survey carried out by Perpetual Fostering, which polled 2,000 UK Mums and Dads about the future for their children.

Brexit didn’t poll highest on the list of threats, however. The top spot went to the “rising cost of living,” with 41% citing this as their biggest concern. Climate change took 23% of the vote.

How it Varies Regionally

There are slight variations in the findings regionally too, with the highest Brexit concern in Northern Ireland (28.3%) and the highest concern about the cost of living in Yorkshire (47.50%).

RegionClimate ChangeBrexitThe Employment MarketThe Rising Cost of LivingOther (Please Specify
South East26.80%14.80%10.50%44.70%3.10%
South West25.20%20.90%13.70%38.80%1.40%
West Midlands23.30%14.90%16.70%43.30%1.90%
North West21.30%18.70%16.20%41.30%2.60%
North East21.60%21.60%16.70%38.20%2.00%
East Midlands20.40%21.10%10.60%46.50%1.40%
East England24.20%15.40%13.40%45.60%1.30%
Northern Ireland23.90%28.30%15.20%32.60%0.00%
Wales 26.30%21.10%12.60%36.80%3.20%

Other Answers

Of the 2% respondents who gave another specified answer, common answers included:

  • Crime
  • Terrorism
  • The Government

Lisa Witter, Manager at Perpetual Fostering, comments:

“There are so many things for parents and carers to worry about! Climate change and the political landscape are both concerns for many. But clearly parents are predominantly concerned with the immediate and clear threat of the rising cost of living and how that will have an impact on their children.

Ever topical, Brexit wasn’t too far off climate change in terms of how parents rate the threat. Much of this could be related to the sheer uncertainty of it all and the fact none of us really know what will happen yet.”

Raw data is available at

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