Autism Campaigner hit's out at lack of support from Twitters C.E.O

Kevin Healey, Autism campaigner in the UK, is very frustrated by the lack of support from Twitter HQ after nearly a two year extended campaign to the giant social media platform.

After hearing today, Twitter boss admits the company is failing victims of internet trolling. Twitter's CEO has promised to take tougher action to deal with abusers.

Kevin Healey said:

'After hearing this news today, I am appalled by the lack of support and help from Twitter HQ. A number of high profile celebrity supporters have wrote directly to Twitter's CEO asking him to urgently verify my account. Also, Staffordshire's police crime commissioner Matthew Ellis, Newcastle Under Lyme MP Paul Farrelly, West Midlands MEP Phil Bennion have all wrote to Twitter's headquarters and all requests have been refused. Also, 1564 people on have also requested Twitter to protect and verify my account from the constant impersonation and Twitter cloning.'

Healey's twitter account has over 120,000 followers. Kevin actively raises awareness of autism everyday and is an author of the book 'Twin Brothers Worlds Apart'. He is also a national autism ambassador for the National Autistic Society. Kevin was told previously by Twitter HQ that, his account couldn't be verified because he was not a New York bestseller. Kevin is dismayed that Twitter can verify other campaigners like Doctor Sara Payne MBE and Denise Fergus whom are campaigners like Kevin who have received abuse on Twitter. However, they have had their accounts verified and protected by Twitter. It is unbelievable also, that Twitter can verify fictional cartoon characters who aren't real.

Twitter need to verify and protect Kevin Healey's account because it's a serious disability hate crime. Kevin also spoke in parliament last year about the issues he has faced and currently his case is currently under investigation by Staffordshire police to date after 12 months, his impersonators have not been caught or prosecuted.

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Autism Campaigner hit's out at lack of support from Twitters C.E.O