Atlas Outsourcing Reviews the Reasons Behind the Disappearance of Some of the Most Iconic Brands

Atlas Outsourcing in Nottingham discusses the importance of developing a longevity brand, and reviews the reasons why some of America's most iconic brands disappeared from society.

Over the past decades, many legendary brands have vanished from society, such as US Airways, Pan Am, Blockbuster, Enron, Woolworth's and General Foods to name a few. Possibilities for disappearance vary. Atlas Outsourcing, one of Nottingham's leading direct sales and event marketing firms, explains that constantly changing conditions on the market are a common reason for brands to struggle for survival. This may have an impact on consumer behaviour and a decline in sales. It is therefore crucial for businesses to stay close with their customers and continuously invent in order to stay ahead of competitors and develop a longevity brand, adds Atlas Outsourcing.

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In 2012, US Airways merged with American Airlines to become the world's largest airline, under the condition that they would adopt its partner's name. “This decision was made for the good of the business and to ensure the company grows and prospers in the future," explains Atlas Outsourcing. There are however a number of other brands that disappeared because they had to close down.

Pan American World Airways were affected by two major events over which they had little control. In 1988, the airline firm was hit by a tragic terrorist bombing of its Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. The second event was an increase in fuel prices due to the Gulf War. As a consequence, the firm filed for bankruptcy in January 1991.

Due to ever changing market conditions, businesses must constantly invent and find ways to adjust accordingly in order to achieve business growth. Atlas Outsourcing says companies have to adapt to rising consumer demands, increasing competition, rising costs that lead to higher selling prices and as a result a decline in sales.

In order to create a sustainable brand that can overcome those challenges, business owners must ensure it has enough room to evolve while remaining true to its vision and foundation and being able to adapt to its local area. Atlas Outsourcing recommends gathering constant feedback from consumers to understand their needs and buying behaviour.

Based in Nottingham, Atlas Outsourcing raises brand awareness on their clients' behalf by running promotional event campaigns. “We speak with consumers in person and build a long-term relationship between them and our clients," says Atlas Outsourcing. “We then pass on this valuable information to our clients who have time to create solutions accordingly and invent new strategies or products to stay ahead of their competition."

Due to the firm's success, Atlas Outsourcing's clients have requested to be represented nationwide. Plans to expand overseas are also currently under discussion.

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