Manage your time effectively using AtlasCorp's top tips

During a motivational workshop held for their contractors last week, the firm shared some of their top time management tips and encouraged their workforce to fully utilise their time to increase their chances of achieving their goals.

AtlasCorp believes that entrepreneurs who can master the art of effective time management are not only able to dramatically increase their likelihood of success but are also able to improve their decision-making ability and reduce their stress levels.

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According to a study named ‘Unlocking the UK’s Daily Savings Time’, researchers found that 56% of workers feel overwhelmed. The study revealed that three main factors contributed to this were a lack of planning, changing priorities and limited resources.

AtlasCorp were fascinated by these findings and have reaffirmed their commitment to helping young professionals reduces these factors in their everyday activities. As the workshop progressed, the firm shared some of their useful time management tips.

Set detailed, step-by-step goals - AtlasCorp explained that to maximise time, professionals should aim to establish a series of goals that each have precise deadlines or milestones. The firm stated that this could be anything from the number of people they approach in the field or they way they approach their customer service technique.

AtlasCorp believes that by dissecting goals into smaller and more achievable targets, professionals will be more likely to make positive steps towards their bigger picture.

Write down your plan - For many individuals, writing down their plans, goals and actions make it easier to visualise achievement. AtlasCorp is now advising all of their contractors to write down their goals and the top things that they want to achieve each day and then include some key contributing factors that will help them get to where they want to be.

Don’t multi-task - Experts at the Psychonomic Bulletin and Review found that only 2.5% of people can effectively multi-task and are still able to do well at each of the selected tasks. The Institute of Psychiatry at the University of London also found that a person’s IQ falls 10 points when they are overly stimulated by emails, texts and phone calls. AtlasCorp were astounded by these findings and believe that young professionals should try and avoid the temptation to take on multiple tasks and should instead, focus on doing one task to the very best of their ability.


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Manage your time effectively using AtlasCorp's top tips