ANJOOL MALDE AWARDS – 2023, marking 10 years of the Jazz Prize hosted by the Guildhall School of Music & Drama (GSMD)

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The Anjool Maldé Memorial Trust takes great pleasure in announcing its 2023 Awards – another extraordinary year of some great achievements. Set up in 2010 as a legacy to Anjool Maldé (1984-2009), the Trust makes annual awards with prize money to a selection of UK’s talented best young individuals with a special edge to their achievements. The Awards encourage all young individuals to 'do well, do good' in their lives and careers.

2023 Award Winners:

10th Anniversary JAZZ PRIZE (co-hosts Guildhall School of Music & Drama, GSMD)

WINNERS: Anmol Mohara Darji (Drums), Cody Moss (Piano), Zoe Lima Pascoal (Drums)

(Photos 1, 2, 3 of Winners Anmol, Cody & Zoe with Matt Skelton, courtesy GSMD)

The GSMD: Dedicating a special feature on the 10 years of the Jazz Prize in their Spring 2023 e-newsletter, the GSMD had this to say:

“The Anjool Maldé Jazz Prize, created in the spirit of the Trust’s commitment to supporting outstanding talent, is awarded to jazz students who demonstrate exceptional dedication and excellence in their craft. The Award has helped many jazz alumni go on to achieve illustrious careers across the music industry.”

Matt Skelton, Acting Head of Jazz, GSMD:

"I am absolutely delighted for Anmol, Zoe and Cody. They have all flourished during their studies at Guildhall, contributing so positively to our thriving and diverse jazz course community. It is wonderful that their artistic growth and achievements can be recognised by such a generous, combined and significant award."

Anmol Mohara Darji (Winner):

“I'm very happy and thankful to receive the Anjool Maldé Jazz Prize. Thank you also to Guildhall School of Music and Drama for an amazing four years. I plan on using the award money towards the cost of recording my music.”

Cody Moss (Winner):

“I am really grateful for this award and to be recognised for the hard work I put into my final recital. It is a privilege and will help in so many different aspects at such a critical time as I move into my professional career.”

Zoe Lima Pascoal (Winner):

"I'm very honoured and grateful to be selected for the Anjool Maldé Jazz Prize. I'll be using my award to help cover the equipment and travel I will need to develop my career."

YOUNG SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR (sponsor and co-host: Localgiving Foundation)

WINNER: Joan Oluwabusola Omolola Idowu, Founder of Several Seats:

(Photo 4- Winner Joan Idowu with her Award, courtesy Self)

Judge Betsy Fore (the highly acclaimed serial entrepreneur and founder of Tiny Organics -

“I am so impressed with Joan’s impact she has built through art therapy and mental health support to empower minority women to thrive in their careers and life. The traction that Several Seats has achieved since launch is amazing and allowed thousands to lead a purposeful life filled with passion. I look forward to following the future impact the Several Seats programs and team will continue to make.”

Tom Latchford (Award Sponsor & Chairman, Localgiving Foundation):

I’m delighted that Several Seats was chosen to win the award, and such a relevant organisation to the times we live in and for honouring the memory of Anjool. Localgiving Foundation is passionate about bringing recognition to the inspiring work of young entrepreneurs tackling the social challenges of our times, and Several Seats is a shining example.”

Joan Idowu (Winner):

“Several Seats have allowed me not only hear the untold stories of the women in my community but invite them to take a seat at the table to have their voices heard. I love what I do and feel inspired when our small changes make a huge impact. Thank you for the award and I look forward using the money to reach more community groups and grow our initiatives further. A huge thank you to the Anjool Maldé Memorial Trust and Localgiving for supporting our vision and the work we aim to do!”

ANJOOL MALDÉ SCHOLARSHIP (co-hosts St Peter’s College Oxford)

WINNERS: Reuben Leyland (Engineering), Tanya Watson (Chemistry), Marcus Wells (History), Emma Wiggetts (History), Anna Williams (Geography).

(Photo 5 – Scholarship Winners with Prof Moloney, Dr Tuffnell and Prof Buchanan, courtesy Edmund Blok/SPC)

Professor Judith Buchanan (Master, St Peter's College, Oxford):

“In remembering our former student Anjool, this excellent scholarship scheme brings both significant encouragement and material support to young lives at a crucial point in their studies. We are delighted, year on year, to see the attributes and achievements that it recognises and the real difference that it makes. The awards continue to do good in so many ways. Apart from anything else, the moments at the awards ceremony when the tutor tells the student why they have picked them out as special, and the student's face in response, are a wonderful thing!”

PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS (Lead Sponsor and Judge Reuben Kench, co-hosts Northern School of Art)

WINNERS: Rachel Marsh (Photographic Practice), Rachel Draper (Commercial Photography)

(Photos 6, 7, 8 - Rachel Marsh, Rachel Marsh Artwork, Rachel Draper with her Artwork, photos courtesy NSA)

Judge Reuben Kench on Rachel Marsh:

“Rachel Marsh’s practice is evolving and progressing, with an evident determination and seriousness of intent. The Trustees of the Anjool Maldé Awards are delighted to acknowledge Rachel Marsh’s originality, distinctiveness and technical control of materials and techniques.”

Rachel Marsh (Winner):

This is incredible. I really did find producing the work and then how to exhibit it a challenge. Especially the group crits and visits form VLs. However, this award gives me so much confidence and belief in my work. Thank you to the Foundation for this recognition.”

Judge Reuben Kench on Rachel Draper:

“Rachel Draper has created something rooted in the familiar language of marketing and consumerism, but unexpectedly theatrical and beguiling. She draws us in to a non-threatening scene, dazzled by drapery, colour and movement. There we discover that life is not so simple, there are precursors and consequences, illuminating the crucial issue of unsustainable consumerism.”

Rachel Draper (Winner):

Wow! The girl who could barely operate a camera when she started! Thank you so much for all the help. I’ve worked so hard on this. So glad my vision is understood!”

YOUNG JOURNALIST OF THE YEAR (co-hosts Queen's University Belfast

WINNER: Christopher Molloy for his short film The Quiet, Uncredited Photographer

(Photo 9 – Christopher Molloy with his Award, courtesy Self, Photo 10 a ‘still’ from his film)

Judge Richard O’Sullivan (Senior Lecturer in Film and Convenor, MA in Film, Queen’s University, Belfast):

“Christopher Molloy’s ‘The Quiet, Uncredited Photographer’ is beautifully filmed and conceptually rich, and prompts us to consider the challenges of portraying the lives of those we love, that ubiquitous aim of much personal documentary. The film evokes a poignant connection to the filmmaker’s mother which is truly potent in emotional terms. The judges were agreed that this meditation on the image and the power of family stood out amongst the excellent films made in the MA Film this year.

Christopher Molloy (Winner):

“I feel a deep privilege and am extremely humbled in accepting the Anjool Maldé ‘Journalist of the Year’ Award. The film at its core speaks of the transcendent bond between family, and how analogue printed photographs grant us a tangible reminder of this. This film means a lot to me on a personal level, and to know that it is valued by others is a wonderful addition. I will take the confidence gained from receiving the Anjool Maldé Award and devote it to my future artistic endeavours. Thank you.”


WINNER: Silvia Juan Lin, Founder of Tycho MedLink, the immersive-technology inspired aid for dementia sufferers:

(Photo awaited– Silvia Lin courtesy Self/Innovate UK)

Judge Raj Dey MBE (Founder & CEO of Learnerbly.

“Silvia’s story is inspiring – having seen first-hand the devastating impact of her uncle’s stroke she was spurred into action to help. Her app is bringing cognitive rehabilitation into modern age; making it accessible using AI and AR to ensure people can take control of their rehabilitation and that their recovery can be personalised based on their symptoms. A fantastic achievement, Silvia, very well done. Wishing you every success going forward.”

Silvia Lin (Winner): I am delighted to have received the Young Innovator of the Year 2023 award from the Anjool Maldé Trust. As the founder of 'Tycho MedLink', I've experienced the rollercoaster journey of entrepreneurship, filled with challenges and triumphs. Throughout this past year, I have been guided and supported by fellow Young Innovators and mentors who have been invaluable in helping me overcome obstacles. By harnessing the potential of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality, I aim to make personalised cognitive rehabilitation accessible to all through our product. This award fuels my determination to push boundaries and make a positive impact on those we serve.”

Emily Nott (Head of Diversity & Inclusion Programmes at Innovate UK):  "Innovate UK is proud to be once again working with the Anjool Maldé Trust on their Young Innovator of the Year Award 2023. Silvia is very deserving of this award, and we look forward to seeing how her innovation develops as she continues her journey. Please join us in congratulating Silvia as well as all the Innovate UK Young Innovators who applied. It is through initiatives like these, the new Innovate UK Unlocking Potential award, and with the generous support of partners like the Anjool Maldé Trust, that we will continue to inspire, involve, and invest in the next generation of innovators."

AMMT: “The Trust takes great delight in greeting Silvia Lin as this year’s Young Innovator Winner in this, the 5th year of our association with Innovate UK and its wonderful and pioneering Young Innovator Scheme. Silvia’s achievement is all the more telling for her initiative as a powerful example of ‘ethical AI’, besides its equally telling, imaginative design of an immersive-technology inspired wide-reach solution.”


“In among another crop of highly talented great achievers, the Trust would like to take the opportunity to highlight the Journalism Award Winner Chris Molloy for his film The Quiet, Uncredited Photographer. It enables us to celebrate the modest, unseeking quality of so many unsung heroes who go about pursuing their talents, patiently and steadfastly, regarding this as reward itself. As captured so well by Chris in his short film about his mother”.



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