Animal Protection Group launches 'Killing Badgers' music track

Track pre - release for airplay–“ Killing Badgers”

A group of vets, scientists and researchers based in Brighton have worked with professional musicians and senior industry producers to produce a track highlighting the plight of badgers.Think Calvin Harris with a message.

In just a few days the country will go to the polls to make the biggest decision for a generation.For Britain’ s badgers, wildlife and all other animals, the stakes simply couldn’t be higher.Unlike the 2017 election, in which fox hunting played a key part, animal welfare, protection and harm has barely figured in this election.

This track seeks an alternative way to bring the issue of the badger cull into the national consciousness, employing a major industry producer to bring together a diverse group of musicians(including two Doctors and an eight year - old) and convey the simple information that badgers are being killed - in the context of an electro - balearic - ragga fusion dance track whose catchiness is the musical equivalent of an advocate’ s sound bite. Over 120, 000 badgers have been maimed and killed needlessly and over£ 70 million of public money wasted on a failed policy– the extent of its failure hidden by systemic scientific fraud.The badger cull is wildlife crime on a massive scale. We hope that this catchy tune with a deeper message will prick ears and get the conversation going. Dr Iain McGill from The Prion Group hopes to reach out to new audiences with this track, to help spread the message of the ongoing plight of badgers.

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Song name: Killing Badgers

Band: Section 44

Based in: Brighton UK

Vocals: Bunoo, Dr Iain McGill, Josie Davey(8 yo)

Guitars: Dr Nicholas Marks

Synthesiser programming and production: Anonymous industry producer

Early riffs, track structure and studio support: David Goodman

Written by: Section 44

Available for interview: Dr Iain McGill– Director, Prion Group, The co-leader of the campaign within the veterinary profession to end badger culling.

Available for interview if required.

Mob: 07984623159 email: iain

Quotes for editors:

Dr Nick Marks - Doctor of Philosophy(not available for interview)

Quote: “This track is strong and stable, rather like a ping pong table, and as the

Director I advise you not to give me a lecture, but rather to either(a) forget the dogma and get yourself to Bognor or(b) put a suit on and get yourself to Luton.

Anonymous industry producer(not available for interview)

Quote: “I already knew Section 44 - they came to me with this track, which had a real hook and good musicians already working on it.I supported the message so I played in beats, riffs and synths and helped out by mixing and mastering the track”.

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Animal Protection Group launches 'Killing Badgers' music track