Amazing Development for Scientific Research

There’s a new method for scientific research called The Paradigm of Types.

The Paradigm is an arrangement of numbers and arrows that applies to Cosmology and Biology through representing everything in terms of numbers of types and their derivations and contexts and potentials.

In Cosmology, the Paradigm indicates that the Universe is infinite in space and time and finite in its construction possibilities. This means that everything that exists does so an infinite number of times in every stage of its development or evolution.

Along with the 4 types of galaxies, the Paradigm indicates that there are 7 types of stars and 11 types of planets. It also indicates that, other than hydrogen and helium, the other elements within a planet are constructed within the planet’s location within a solar disc and not in stars.

In Biology, the Three-domain representation of life on Earth involves archaea, bacteria and eukaryotes (plants and animals). These entail 26 phylogenetic types of organisms. With the Paradigm, life in the Universe is seen to involve five domains and 36 phylogenetic types of organisms. The additional domains and phylogenetic types are responsible for the evolution of the 26 types.

Instead of life emerging from a single organism called the Last Universal Common Ancestor, the Paradigm indicates that eukaryotes evolved from one ancestor type from within a 3 types domain, and archaea and bacteria (prokaryotes) evolved from 3 different ancestor types from within a 4 types domain.

Where the ancestor to eukaryotes involved creation from one chemical type, the creation of the ancestors to prokaryotes involved two chemical types.

With on-going application, the Paradigm will reveal all the stages of biological evolution including those that culminated in Humans.

An Introduction to the Paradigm forms the second part of the essay “Debunking Physics and Discovering Forever (A Rational and Materialist Perspective of the Fundamental nature of the Universe)”, which is located at:

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Amazing Development for Scientific Research