AJG Investigate the Importance of Managing Emotions in Order to Cultivate a Positive Environment

As one of London's leading sales and event marketing firms, AJG Direct believe that their success lies in the positive attitude of their workforce.

Last week, the sales and direct marketing specialists held a motivational workshop for their contractors, where they discussed the link between emotions and success. During the session, the firm’s Managing Director, Paul Gillet spoke about how emotions are the driving force behind most human behaviour and that they can either hold professionals back or help propel them into greatness.

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Mr Gillet explained that it is important for senior professionals to manage their emotions in order achieve goals and get the best out of their workforce to help them reach their potential.

According to many studies conducted by the Harvard Business Review, researchers found that emotional culture influences employee satisfaction, burnout, teamwork, attendance and financial performance.

These studies conclude that emotions have a substantial impact on individuals ability to perform tasks, as well as their engagement, creativity and loyalty to their organisation.

During the workshop, Mr Gillet also cited the work of the world-renowned Psychology Professor Carol Dweck who talks about the importance of having a growth mindset, which promotes change and success. An individual who possesses a growth mindset is also of the belief that all actions can be improved upon. In contrary to this, a fixed mindset subscribes to the belief system that an individual’s intelligence is set and can’t be changed.

Mr Gillet was fascinated by the extent emotions have on an individual’s performance and believes that for professionals to succeed in the sales and marketing industry, they must adopt a growth mindset. Mr Gillet is now urging young professionals to manage their emotions and be open to change to increase their chances of success.

Discussing the importance of having a growth mindset, Mr Gillet said: “We actively aim to encourage our contractors to have growth mindset as it enables individuals to come to the understanding that every setback is an opportunity to learn and it also teaches the importance of being tenacious when wanting to achieve a goal.”

Based in London, AJG Direct is one of the UK’s fastest growing outsourced sales and event marketing companies. The firm actively seeks to create a positive environment for their contractors, which cultivates growth and success. As a result of their innovative approach to business, the company has built a strong connection between brands and their consumers. AJG Direct’s work not only ensures customer satisfaction and retention but also helps increase brand awareness and loyalty.

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Source: https://hbr.org/2016/01/manage-your-emotional-culture


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AJG Investigate the Importance of Managing Emotions in Order to Cultivate a Positive Environment